G29 – Alchemy: The beauty at hand

The second journey for Garland aims to bring thinkers and makers from different cultures together in building bridges to connect the two halves of our wider world. The December 2022 issue looks at the divide between natural and artificial. The crafts are normally associated with organic materials found in nature. They are contrasted against artificial materials synthesised in factories, such as plastic. What are the values that underlie this difference? Is there a class hierarchy that looks down on cheap factory-made materials? How can making bring nature and the artificial in meaningful relation to each other?

Stories can include:

  • Ways of creating natural beauty out of plastics
  • Re-imagining industrial substances like coal as craft materials
  • Pigments and dyes from processed substances
  • Creative us of algorithms and artificial intelligence

You can find guidelines for submitting a story here. The deadline for stories is 1 November 2022. Please let us know in advance of your idea here. If you’d like to be a pathfinder and share the development of this issue, please send an email

Above image The droop lamp ✿ Adam Markowitz & Apple Huang