To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


Moana issue #9 – December 2017 - The December 2017 issue #9 will focus on New Zealand / Aotearoa / Pacific / Moana. We hope to be a new space for gathering contemporary ways of making, particularly those that are not easily accommodated in the modernist studio model. As part of a journey across the region, this will be part of a […]
What’s love got to do with it? - Recently I visited the Iranian city of Sirjan, as part of a World Crafts Council delegation to assess their claim to be a World Craft City for Kilim, Shiriki-Pech to be precise. On arrival, we found billboards around the city describing it as Kilim City - "Warp of love and art".
Forum: Imagine postcapitalism - A partnership between Arena and Garland magazine Imagine Postcapitalism Forum Tuesday 22 August 6-7:30pm Arena Project Space, Kerr Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne Australia (✿ You are welcome to bring a contribution for the speakers and Arena Project Space) Historical algorithms appear to predict the demise of capitalism as we know it, thanks to the erosion of […]
Should we pay for art? - When is it better to pay professional artists to make public art, rather than engage the community directly?
Western Australia issue – March 2018 - Notes on the upcoming Garland for March 2018
Rame rame! A call for friendworks - You are invited to submit works for the upcoming online exhibition in the Garland Indonesia exhibition.
Lesley Uren’s Celtic Dogs (2016) - Garland brings you occasional works of note. This recent embroidery work by Lesley Uren is based on designs from an Irish monastery. 
Love and money, now available - How do you balance creativity with the need to earn money? There's a growing move to win back creative freedom from the increasingly alien capitalist system. Issue #7 goes to town to learn from the good people of Castlemaine about their work-life balance. Fifty artists share with us their works made "not for sale". We learn of men who recover the artfulness of work. A dialogue with Yolngu culture helps appreciate the value of culture beyond its contribution to GDP. And we hear of interesting work made in Ghana, Japan and India. 
Winners of the 9th Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 - The GICB2017 primarily sought to make ceramics a more integral part of everyday life by straightening up one part of massive forms that have been dealt with by contemporary ceramics. In the context, three comparable exhibition venues where designated and the exhibitions were composed in a way that made the narrativity of the wor
What Daniel Blake won’t sell - Ken Loache's film, I, Daniel Blake, depicts the struggle for dignity in the face of inhuman bureaucracy. In one rearguard gesture, Daniel Blake refuses to sell an object he has handmade for a neighbour's boy.
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