Who we are


We are 789 thinkers and makers and thinker-makers from 77 countries across the wider world. We represent many different cultures, religions, genders and experiences. These enrich our appreciation of the role that objects play in bringing important stories into our lives.

For each issue, some of us act as pathfinders to help develop the questions along which we travel.

To help ensure this diversity, some of us are story keepers who gather new and different perspectives from the wider world.

And to maintain a connection to the land on which we live, some of us are knowledge keepers representing ancestors, traditions and the earth.

We believe in the principle of custodianship. We are here for a purpose beyond self-interest. The purpose is to keep stories alive, with hands, hearts and minds.


Thinker makers, as well as social curators and profiled artists, are supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.