Garland produces an annual compendium of actions reflecting stories from four stops along our journey. Each volume is named after a flower to be found in the garland.


Our journey begins. Garland starts in South Korea where objects express the joy of labour, then we go in search of the lost garden in Adelaide via the Punjab, followed by the Persian prospect of renewed beauty in Iran and finally partnership with nature practised by Aboriginal artists in north-west Australia. Along the way, you can read the quarterly essays by Julie Ewington, Gopika Nath, Sanaz Fotouhi and Kim Mahood. Jasmine can be purchased for $AUD 40 here


The journey continues. Garland travels across the broader Indo-Pacific to learn what different cultures make of their world. The second year includes western India, Thailand, the town of Castlemaine, Australia and Bali. We explore the value of the handmade as a form of storytelling, a way of reconnecting with the village, intimations of post-capitalism and working freely together. Garland uncovers handmade objects of beauty and meaning. Marigold can be purchased for $AUD 40 here