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To meet makers from distant lands forum coming up 29 October.

Ikromi Nigina profiles for Tajik artisans specialising in block-printing, kundal (wall-painting), toy-making and weaving.
Learn how Uzbek measure their worth in skills.
The glass artist Layla Walter anticipates her travel to Uzbekistan, evoking memories of a childhood garden
Serena Rosevear, an exponent of minimal porcelain, encounters the maximal culture of India, thanks to the Crosshatched tour of Sandra Bowkett.

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Jon Goulder ✿ Furniture with a backstory - The latest Broached Commission is a profound furniture series by Jon Goulder, which expresses the evolution of craft over four generations. We delve into his collaboration with weaver Liz Williamson.
Gunybi Ganambarr ✿ Creative industrial - Aluminium mining has been seen as a threat to Yolŋu culture. In collaboration with Stephen Anthony, Gunybi Ganambarr uses this metal to express core values of his culture.
Polina Matveeva ✿ The girl with a kitten (after da Vinci) - Our October Laurel comes from the town of Gzhel, about an hour's drive from Moscow. Polina Matveeva's work transforms an iconic Renaissance painting into contemporary ceramics.
Art Design Architecture: Jam Factory’s epic series of touring exhibitions - Soon after Brian Parkes started as CEO of Jam Factory in 2010, he initiated an ambitious series of touring exhibitions based on materials which have helped define Australian craft and design in the 21st century
Mongyudowon: South Korea’s craft utopia - The epic craft events in East Asia often take on a utopian theme. This year's Cheongju International Craft Biennale is called Mongyudowon, which is a mythical landscape of idealised and inaccessible beauty.
Ma Luocheng ✿ The craft of “impeachment” - China specialises in miniature carving. This relates to the long tradition of seals, which marked the intricate characters of the author. Here's a glimpse of this tradition today expressed with peach stones.

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