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Stories from the craft renaissance across the wider world

Awuni Ayine tells us about the fans she makes that were traditionally used for funerals.
Beverley Price explains the creative principle of her expedited jewellery and how it is grounded in South African life.
‘Matsooana Sekokotoana is inspired by the litema designs on the homes of her country, which reflect daily life in the villages of Lesotho.
Hlengiwe Dube recounts the elaborate Zulu tradition of earplugs that inspired her baskets.
Nigerian artists Jennifer Ogochukwu Okpoko and Dr RitaDoris Edumchieke Ubah are inspired by colonial photographs to make new textile work drawing on the heritage of uli body and wall painting.
Joseph Ndione laments the demise of the man-lion street performance that once celebrated the power of nature.
Kultur-All Makaan is a wondrous tent for bringing together refugee cultures of Central Victoria, including the Sudanese singer Dabora Dout whose beads welcome visitors.
In her Melbourne flat, Muhubo Suleiman has re-created the aqal, thatched hut, her childhood home in Somalia.

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The Mongolian snuff bottle pouch: Embracing aromatic culture - The snuff bottle pouch adorns a key ritual that binds Mongolians together: the exchange of smells.
Horst Kiechle ✿ Digital weaving inspired by a Thai basket - Selected by Garland contributor Gary Warner, our July laurel goes to Horst Kiechle for his constructed paper object 2020 vPattern Basket.
Kimono o’clock: The watchtrap artist - A striking example of "living craft" is Tong's incorporation of heritage Japanese textile into something you wear every day on your wrist.
The precious “ta leec” backpack from Co Tu village - We return to Vietnam to learn about a craft classic, the backpack of the Co Tu people known as ta leec which is considered a man's most precious jewellery.
Masahiro Sasaki ✿ Glass comes first - The glass artist Masahiro Sasaki follows the Japanese way of craft, or kogei, where materials comes before concept. 
uhadi & umruhbe ✿ a resonant Xhosa tradition - Gary Warner begins a series #africamade_n_played with a Xhosa stringed instrument that resonates through the body and is played today by a new generation of performers.
Canadian First Nations celebrate the longest day with a Social Distance Pow Wow - The growing significance of Canada’s Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival is challenged this year by lockdown. Like the Ojibwe "dreamcatcher", the spirit of this event is now being channelled online.
Ā Mua ✿ Crafting Aotearoa 2.0 - A dazzling new exhibition at the Dowse Art Museum features objects that look ahead to the past.
Maikel Kuijpers ✿ The future is material - In our series of interviews with key craft thinkers, we speak with Maikel Kuijpers about the "material turn" and the "Future is Handmade" documentary.

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