Garland ✿ Ancient Now


Luise Guest listens to ceramic artists who draw on the unique energies of Jingdezhen, including Geng Xue, Liu Jianhua, Juz Kitson and Merran Esson.
Leigh McKinnon writes about the revival of skills from Hong Kong involved in the new Bendigo dragon
Dale Cox leads us into his alternative history of ancient Chinese artefacts found in an Australian paddock
Lacquer is a gift of the ancients that is largely forgotten today. There is an inspiring future for lacquer in the work of Takuya Tsutsumi, in partnership with an Australian surfboard maker.

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Upcoming issue is The Stans. Submissions for the Foreign Correspondence online exhibition is due 17 August.

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Becoming blind to climate change: An age-old Japanese solution - This is a time when we might look to traditional crafts which offered offline means of staying cool, such as the paper fan and these Japanese screens.
Jarred Wright ✿ Blowing up science - Artisan, Brisbane, has recently been exploring the creative craft dimension of industry. A new exhibition features the artistic output of a scientific glassblower. 
Tangchang cloth shoes in Sichuan - Testimony to the growing value of crafts in contemporary China can be found in a recent article on WeChat. It tells of the various visits by General Secretary Xi Jingping to craft enterprises.
Kinder, Küche, Kirche ✿ New mementos of the Barossa - 11 South Australian artists make works that honour the heritage crafts of the Lutheran German community from the Barossa.
Rowena Strain ✿ Broome, the centre of the world - Rowena Strain's bowls tell the story of Catholics who've made a home "at the centre of the world".
Susie Vickery ✿ Embroidery portraits - Our July Laurel goes to Susie Vickery for her unique genre of embroidery portraits.

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