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Sahr Bashir reflects on the dazzling ride through Lahore by auto-rickshaw
Learn how Uzbek measure their worth in skills.
For Mary Jose, Uzbek architecture is a window onto a sublime past, reflected today in the beautiful ikat textiles of Margelan
Catherine Allie traces the journeys of nomad weavers in remote north-western India, famous for their tsug dul blanket

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Liziqi ✿ China’s craft princess - "Nowadays time goes by so quickly that we yearn for Li Ziqi’s lifestyle." The story of Liziqi tells us much about the wave of interest in China's traditional culture today.
Central Asia awakes! The Festival of Handcrafters, Kokand, Uzbekistan - A festival in Uzbekistan marks the awakening of Central Asia as a driving force in the global "craft renaissance".
Black bamboo furniture from Mer inspired by dance masks - The NGV continues a series of design projects with Indigenous communities. Following the works developed with leis in South Pacific and Torres Strait, the attention now turns to bamboo furniture in the island of Mer.
Zoë Veness ✿ Wayfaring - As our September Laurel, Zoë Veness applies the most delicate of muslin textile to hard metal and produces a texture of trails that weaves a landscape in brass.
Ceramics for the Autumn Takayama Festival (Hachiman Matsuri) - For the upcoming Autumn Takayama Festival, Gallery VOICE is presenting work by six ceramic artists and the golden lacquer art called Shunkei.
Luo Wanxing ✿ A life’s hard labour for sweet reward - Our China correspondent, Xue XIA, offers a recent homage to the end of a once-thriving trade in China - brown sugar making.

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