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To meet makers from distant lands forum coming up 29 October.

Ikromi Nigina profiles for Tajik artisans specialising in block-printing, kundal (wall-painting), toy-making and weaving.
Learn how Uzbek measure their worth in skills.
The glass artist Layla Walter anticipates her travel to Uzbekistan, evoking memories of a childhood garden
Serena Rosevear, an exponent of minimal porcelain, encounters the maximal culture of India, thanks to the Crosshatched tour of Sandra Bowkett.

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Helen Ganalmirriwuy ✿ The magnificent gunga mat - Our November laurel is bestowed on Helen Ganalmirriwuy, who has produced a magnificent mat from gunga (pandanus). She shares the excitement of seeing this work grow over the month of weaving.
Jumaadi ✿ You’re invited to a snakes’ wedding - The Sydney-based Indonesian artist Jumaadi uses the snake as a symbol of a dualistic universe. His intricate painting on buffalo hide imagines a cloud-like form created from two snakes entwining.
Kamunez ✿ How the kiekie girdles Moana - Mele Tonga Tamanilo celebrates the traditional Tongan waist adornment known as kiekie by inventing new designs and introducing new eye-catching materials.
Ancient again in China: Chengdu heritage festival draws huge crowds - The 7th Chengdu international intangible cultural heritage festival attracted a total of 5.7 million people, with an online population of 190 million people.
A world in cork: How China refined the Xmas card - The cork picture is a national intangible cultural heritage of Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China. Its origins reflect an interesting translation of Western culture into the Chinese aesthetic.
Nikau Hindin ✿ A star compass that makes history - Ngāpuhi and Te Rarawa artist Nikau Hindin created an installation Kāpehu Whetū, Star Compass at Auckland's Maritime Museum. This work uniquely draws on traditions of navigation across Moana with unfinished business from first encounters with European colonists.

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