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Coledale Necklace – Ebb Tide from Mapping the Tideline, shells, found nylon string. 16 May 2020

The Trellis features jewellery made to adorn not the human body, but the land on which the body stands.

Engagement with the land as a jeweller is a varied proposition, as most jewellery has an inherent relationship with the land in some way, be it through the use of stones and metals and alloys from the earth. Or at the other end of the preciousness scale, via the seeking and gathering of debris, on the street. Or along a shoreline to enact a transformation from trash to treasure. Garland’s garden trellis is adorned with many beautiful pieces of writing by and about jewellers whose practice engages with the land. These stories are deeply evocative and reveal the personal connections so many jewellers have with the land on which they make and the lands that inspire them.

Melinda Young

making jewellery for the land - Melinda Young introduces the Trellis via her own journey of terrestrial and marine jewellery.
Walking in the expanded field of jewellery - Roseanne Bartley recounts a series of pathfinding projects that take jewellery to and from the streets.
The bauxite challenge: Bioregional thinking and place-based making - Kyoko Hashimoto's place-based jewellery practice makes visible the hidden substances that fuel economic growth.
When the land becomes a jewel - Yu-Fang Chi describes her Belgian residency when she applied her jewellery weaving technique to the land itself.
Biomater: Life hanging by a thread - Catalina Mena reflects on the exhibition in Chile by Clarisa Menteguiaga, Liliana Ojeda, and Paulina Villalobos, which witnesses the beauty of decay in the gallery.
Tracing trees: Processing land clearing through a jewellery practice - Cara Johnson makes adornment that embodies the complex settler entanglement with the land.
Mel Young ✿ Mapping the tideline - Mel Young uses jewellery as a way to attach herself to the coast during the lockdown.
The Eastern Cape made visible through jewellery - Joani Groenewald reflects how her jewellery is drawn from the South African landscape in which she is embedded.
Bridget Kennedy ✿ A fragile beauty between the ashes - Our February Laurel goes to Sydney jeweller Bridget Kennedy, for a ring that reflects the tragedy that engulfs Australia in 2019-2020. The ring evokes the geometrical beauty of the beehive, while acknowledging the devastation wrought on the climate by use of fossil fuels.
Alice Whish ✿ Works from the Understory - Helen Wyatt describes some of the learnings revealed in the stunning new jewellery series by Alice Whish whose work was inspired by her Bundanon residency.
Melissa Cameron ✿ Jewellery at our feet - The use of found materials can focus our minds on the world at our feet. Melissa Cameron's new work, Marfa TX, turns this moment into singular jewellery.
New terrain in an old world - Zoë Veness writes about metal objects she made in homage to kunanyi / Mount Wellington
A silent conversation with Jimmy Poland - Helena Bogucki reflects on her collaboration with Jimmy Poland for "Pieces of Gutharraguda (Shark Bay)".
Helen Wyatt: Life is revealed through layers - Helen Wyatt is a Sydney artist who first began making jewellery while studying Fine Arts at the University of Sydney in the 1970s. Mark Stiles spoke to her on the eve of her latest exhibition, Thresholds, at Studio 2017 Project Space, North Sydney
Place Matters: Mashhad – City of Turquoise - The first of the Place Matters series features Mashhad, the Silk Road city that is legendary for its turquoise, much appreciated by the 20 million tourists who visit every year. We hear how the story of a village donkey has inspired the creation of a new Silk Road for the 21st century.
Worn Land - Worn Land is a project by FORM Western Australia involving jewellers who traveled to the Pilbara in north-west Australia to create ornament inspired by their experience. We learn from Nicky Hepburn and Pennie Jagiello how they made meaning in a landscape that was sublime, but far from pristine.
Tales of Wonderland: Schmuck aus Neuseeland – jewellery from Aotearoa New Zealand - Warwick Freeman and Karl Fritsch go on a fishing expedition for contemporary jewellery in New Zealand / Aotearoa
Geodenim ornament from the streets of Medellín - Alejandra Ruiz uses denim in jewellery as a way of reflecting life in Medellín, Colombia.
Fragments of King - Marisa Molin maps and catalogues her King Island residency as jewellery.

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