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Kyoko Hashimoto, Round Aluminium And Bauxite Mirror(detail), 2021, Aluminium, bauxite, 660 x 570 x 220, photo; Traianos Pakioufakis

Explore the reflected world in stories of mirror craft.

Mirror craft includes a variety of techniques, including embroidery, polishing and casting. These stories remind us that the reflected world is not an illusion, it is a material construction made from this world.

Strange tales from a Chinese studio: Geng Xue’s porcelain imaginary - For Luise Guest, the surreal porcelain of Geng Xue is inspired by the rich history of a Chinese imaginary.
Pushkar women balance life and work on ornate indonis - Shefali Martins writes about the indoni, a richly decorated base still used today by Rajasthanis for balancing pots on their heads.
Nagme Zaeri ✿ An embellished life in Iran - Nagme Zaeri writes about the cultures of north and south Iran that inspire her textiles.
The bauxite challenge: Bioregional thinking and place-based making - Kyoko Hashimoto's place-based jewellery practice makes visible the hidden substances that fuel economic growth.
Katheryn Leopoldseder: Ode to restoration - Marian Hosking introduces a jeweller who honours those who sustained the historic nunnery where she works, featuring a rosary for one of its restorers.
Devon Harvest jug ✿ An anonymous maker speaks - Sebastian Blackie listens to a garrulous clay jug from centuries past.
Alchemy in Japanese traditional craft: Forging and polishing the spiritual world - Sachiko Tamashige writes about two Japanese metalsmith families, Myochin and Yamamoto, who demonstrate an alchemical power to transport base metal into the spiritual realm.
Alchemy in Japanese traditional craft: The transformation of light in Tamahagane forging and polishing - The eleventh talk in our Reinventing the Wheel series is in Kyoto, where Sachiko Tamashige introduces the traditional practice of sword and mirror polishing.
Iranian Nowruz: Guiding the spirits home - Peyman Samandari digs through the layers of history behind Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which keeps Zoroastrians spirit alive.
Rajan Vankar ✿ A lifelong love for the loom - Using his hard-won English skills, Rajan Vankar shares his pride and knowledge of Kutchi weaving designs and techniques, inspired by nature and traditions intertwined.
Shohre Fakhrejanali ✿ Chadorshab waist wrap - Our June laurel goes to Shohre Fakhrejanali, a weaver from the village of Qasem Abad in the Guilan province of Iran, on the Caspian coast. Khosro Mahinroosto tells her story.
The craft wisdom of Kutch weaving - Fourth-generation Kutch weaver Rajan Vankar shares the craft wisdom of this unique textile tradition.
Yuri KEZUKA ✿ Our world in a clay mirror - Kurt Brereton finds a Japanese ceramic artist whose work defies hyper-consumerism.
Rosslynd Piggott’s glass in Venice until 3 December - On view the experimental work by Australian artist Rosslynd Piggott who learned secrets of glass art from engraver master Maurizio Vidal

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