22 December 2022

Luleå Protocols for Knowledge Exchange – 2022 - As part of Sweden's Luleå Biennial, Garland facilitated a pilot knowledge exchange to develop a reciprocal platform for global knowledge sharing.
Tack Skogen: Beauty in the blemish - MADAM Snickeri celebrate the wood that the industry rejects, finding beauty in the stains, holes and deformities.
Bird, fish or somewhere in between - Sofia Björkman and Karin Roy Andersson together exhibit a series of works that animates discarded materials, re-forming nature out of detritus.
A stick is never too long or too short - Silje Figenschou Thoresen follows a tradition of improvisation, starting from a mining rubbish pit and ending in a pristine art gallery.
Kuulua vuohmaan: Belonging to a mire - Ida Isak Westerberg returns to the queer space of mire in order to recover their Tornedalian identity, imprinting their tapestries with its colours.
Goahten: At home with Sámi - There is more to Swedish furniture than IKEA. Katarina Spik Skum has produced authentic iconic Sámi furnishings that reconnect with nomad roots.
Oh, will felting ever make it into Artforum? - Norwegian Crafts commissioned a series of videos by Siri Hjorth and Sebastian Makonnen Kjølaas that reflect the opposing worlds of art theory and folk crafts.
New Spring, Old Gods: Adornment for the people of the bear - Inari Kiuru shares the Finnish cultural roots that ground her work, reflecting an enchantment of nature. 
Illuminating Julie Ewington’s essay - Julie Ewington's essay on Kirsten Coelho contains many references to iconic images of light and objects. Ewington exercises her considerable experience in art curating and history to activate Coelho's single porcelain vessel with a world of visual associations. This is one of the methods by which she manages to captivate the reader for 5,000 words while writing about a single object.

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