Fragments of King

Marisa Molin

1 December 2015

I map the coastline of islands by collecting textures and fragments found from the shoreline. I take these fragments and their secret narratives into my studio and translate them into wearable objects. By doing so, I aim to create a collective and visual dialogue about an island, as each island is unique. These works are from the Fragments of King series, which is an outcome of an Artist Residency on King Island (2015)*.

The symbiotic relationship I observe between the fragment and its environment is mirrored in my work via the relationship between jewellery and its wearer. My designs become a part of the wearer, each piece of jewellery intimately following the curves of the wearer’s body, and at once, sprouting from the body and assuming its own form. In itself, this is a deliberate act; embodying the logic of the ecosystem, whilst reflecting on our relation as humans, to the wilderness.

I walk a lot. For days, weeks around the coastlines of the island. Then take some of the fragments back to the studio, make moulds and then experiment with wax replicas of that texture\object. I usually return those fragments back to the site or another beach.

When i have the shapes in wax form – I push it, melt it, reshape it, twist it. I try to take away the identifiable form and use the texture in a different way to become something else. Sometimes it makes the piece more abstract, And sometimes the textures are so iconic that they carry the identity to a new shape.

Once I  am happy with the wax, I will then send it off to get cast into bronze or silver. from there I work it further into a ring, bracelet or wearable object. When working in wax or metal, you can push the material in different ways. Metal is easier to reshape the form but wax can be easier to manipulate the texture.

Most of these works are one-offs, but there are a few commercial pieces such as the driftwood cuff and the nautilus ring. These are then moulded when i have finished it and then i can produce a few more of these to have a few commercial pieces to sell through my outlets.


2015-01-17 16.47.50-1Marisa Molin is an Australian contemporary jeweller and artist. Her practice focuses on the appropriation and translation of textures and fragments, collected from walks along shorelines and Tasmania’s vast wilderness. Molin has recently relocated from Tasmania to Norway where she has undertaken two artist residency programs to further develop her fragment series, which now includes Fragments of Hardangerfjord (as well as Fragments of Flinders and Fragments of King). Alongside being an artist, Molin is also an arts professional. She has worked within and collaboratively with many respected Australian Arts Advocacy Agencies and Organisations. She has held the position of Director in various ARI models, including Sawtooth ARI Gallery, and has extensive experience project managing diverse creative initiatives. See Instagram #fragmentsofking

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