ngurra-81 (1) | Ngurra: Finding our way home

Tjanpi Desert Weavers in collaboration with Warakurna Artists
(Dallas Smythe, Loretta Carroll, Bridget Jackson, Delilah Shepherd, Erica Shorty, Trudy Holland, Dorcas Bennett, Nancy Jackson, Dianne Golding, Selena Shepherd, Noreen Smythe, Katherine Shepherd, Polly Jackson, Judith Chambers, Roshanna Williamson, Eunice Porter, Winifred Reid and Lucy Nelson)
Pitja nyawa kulila (Early days family), 2016, tjanpi (wild harvested grasses), raffia and acrylic yarns, wire, courtesy of Tjanpi Desert Weavers, Warakurna Artists, Araluen Art Centre, and the South Australian Museum, photo: Brad Griffin
Dallas Smythe, Ngurra: My Grandfather’s Home, 2017, carved, painted and burnt plywood
Ara Irititja Wiltja, 2017, carved and burnt, plywood, courtesy of Maruku Arts and the South Australian Museum.

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