Indian Ocean ✿ Western Australia

Nalda Searles, Initi gloves, 2004

Issue #10 of Garland will be developed in Western Australia and include connections across the Indian Ocean. This is the other end of the Indo-Pacific that is less well known.

The creative value explored in this issue is discovery. This reflects history of migration and exploration across the region, from the spread of Islam to the advent of the Europeans and today when Aboriginal histories are being uncovered and revived. How does the uncovering of something foreign provide a creative stimulus? Scenes of discovery include:

  • Beachcombing
  • Foraging
  • Mining
  • Presence of rock paintings
  • Walking

This issue will have an online exhibition that will feature works that have incorporated a found object. Images are encouraged of the final works as well as the scene where the object was first encountered. All artists are encouraged to submit images.

Go here to submit entries by 16 February 2018.