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3 November 2022

Our November laurel goes to Bahareh Zaman, an Iranian maker who created a map of the world on a leather bag, at whose heart is Iran on fire.

The goal and desire I always seek to achieve are to present my art with an enlightening message to the world. I began my work with an environmental theme in the design of bags. I have decided that each bag with my design bears a message from nature, in a sense that I can even make people aware of the environmental damages that are being done to earth.

Whilst I was working on my last design which incorporated the world map, unfortunately, a sad accident happened to one of the girls of my country, which had a huge impact on the entire world. Therefore I decided to express my art as a protest and to show the map of my country, Iran, in red due to the difficult times that it is passing through, like a beating heart with the message of peace and light. I am hoping for a day when no human being would lose their freedom anywhere in this world.

My workshop is on the balcony of my apartment overlooking the mountains and nature. Many times I have rented an art studio in the city (Karaj) but the only place where I have complete peace and sufficient time to plan a new idea is my home workshop. Recently with a bit of decoration now my studio is the nicest place to do my work.

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  • Konrad Jones says:

    Thank you Bahareh Zaman for sharing your art work, Karraj and it’s surrounding location are very beautiful. And the season is beginning to change there i imagine.
    Take care and hope to see more of your works into the future
    Kind Regards

  • Andrea says:

    Bahareh, your work is beaut. All my support from Argentina.
    Love and blessings