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19 July 2019

Jarred Wright, Illuminate 001 and illuminate 002, 2019,
Hand blown borosilicate glass, steel, electrical wire, dimmable led bulb and milled pvc tube; photo: Aaron Micallef

Artisan, Brisbane, has recently been exploring the creative craft dimension of industry. A new exhibition features the artistic output of a scientific glassblower.

Jarred Wright works in the chemistry, nano-technology and microbiology industry. The work in his Artisan exhibition is a showcase of his artistic glass blowing skills.

Nine years ago he was fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship in an industry where there are few openings. Being a highly creative person he initially found scientific glass a challenge as its focus is primarily on the skills of glass manipulation. He had to approach the training as a discipline. It was a steep learning curve, but from these skills sprung the ability to be creative with glass.

Jarred Wright, Cell sample 001 – 004, 2019, Hand blown borosilicate glass; photo: Aaron Micallef

Whilst scientific glass is highly technical, repetitive and very precise with very little room for error, art glass is fluid, dynamic, ambitious and much more forgiving. But having said that Jarred is nevertheless inspired by his scientific work. At times he finds himself in a semi-meditative state, imagining the microscopic actions taking place in his hands—how he imparts energy to the silica atoms to excite them to move erratically then cool and settle to find the tidy hexagon formation again or how the cell cultures multiply, split and release gas to move through the glass forms. The work in this exhibition is very much a representation of these thoughts and Jarred’s strong attraction to natural organic form.

Jarred Wright’s works can be seen at Artisan, Brisbane, 20 July – 14 September⁠ 2019

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