Finding Mahtab and starting a new life


14 February 2020

Baluchi needle-worker Mahtab Suzanduz

Khosro Mahinroosto tells how finding the legendary Baluchistan needle-worker changed his life and led to the establishment of Gileboom eco-lodge.

Sometimes I believe that travel is everything. When you move, everything is going to be changed. It seems that everyone is waiting for you.

We went to Baluchistan to find a great woman who before 1978 (Iran revolution) was one of the most famous needleworkers in Iran. we knew that she was presented by Iran Queen, Farah Diba a pretty gift when she did a beautiful needle working on her dress. The main handicraft in Baluchistan is needle working, and it was the best one. We are interested in handicrafts, so we do travel to find the best ones every year. It was sunny that day and we were not confident if we would find her. Finally, in a village in Iranshahr city, we were standing at the door, knocking to find “Nobody”.

The door was opened, we heard someone said: “I am nobody, I am you. Welcome”

The black-faced woman in the front yard was touching her goat while was sitting down on the ground, with a simple laugh which makes her face like a bright moon.

Everything was as simple as possible; lifestyle, house, food, relations and voice. We were affected by this unique gold in the desert. Mahtab (her name means “moon shine”) some years ago had a glorious reputation. She had more well-known and respect. Now she was living in such a poor and bad condition, without visitors. She had lost many things, except her serenity.

After coming back, we decided to do something. We developed special kind of resorts like Ecolodge to protect these people, with the help of our guest from all over the world.

So after six years, we are working with more than 15 workshops in our region, beside the Hyrcanian mixed forest and the Caspian Sea. Our guests and neighbours are encouraging local people to protect cultural and environmental activities, to make the world a little better than before.

The world is like sound and rocks, I mean whatever we do, we get the reflections. If you sing in the mountain, in front of the rocks, you can listen to the reflections. It seems that the mountain and the world is singing with you.

Gileboom eco-lodge is near the Caspian coast of Iran. The village of Qassem Abad was officially designated as a World Craft City of Craft for Chador Shab weaving in 2020. 

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