In the loop

“As the conversation about craft becomes increasingly vital, and globally connected, Garland is a welcome addition – a lively forum concerning creative life in the wide.” – Glenn Adamson

Garland is building a network across the Indo-Pacific where we can share information about the objects of beauty and meaning that are being made in our part of the world. Given the changing balance of world power, we believe that it is critical now for us to explore the creative life in our region with an open mind. 

We invite organisations, associations, galleries, workshops and projects to contribute to a loop of information that we share across our platform.

There are three levels of partnership:


You will receive a quarterly email outlining upcoming themes and are listed on our Friends page. 

We invite you to contribute images and stories that we can share with our audience on our platforms. These should be in the form of an image (at least 1000px wide), explanatory caption and website. 

This can include information in our Orbit of major events such as festivals, conferences, workshops and fairs.


In addition to the above, organisational subscribers will be guaranteed one story a year to be developed together and distributed across the platform. You will also be listed on our website. Organisational subscription costs $120 ($80 for not-for-profits). You also receive all the other subscriber benefits of access to our restricted content.


A patron can be involved in the development of an issue. We welcome interest from patrons who have a special interest in the place of focus. This involves a minimum contribution of $2,000. Further details can be developed through dialogue.

You can submit your details to be in the Loop here