Asif Shaikh and Aziz Murtazaev ✿ A dialogue of print and stitch


7 October 2020

Our October laurel goes to an eloquent collaboration between Indian embroiderer Asif Shaik and Uzbek ikat maker Aziz Murtazaev.

This dress was part of a collection made for the 5th Walking Hand-in-Hand Royal Textiles of India, a collaborative fashion show using textile craft by CDS Art Foundation.


Asif Shaik is based in Ahmedabad where he runs a textile studio that fosters traditional textile skills. Asif relished the challenge of ikat: “I love the boldness of the Ikat, my hand embroidery is very fine. I have design outfits keeping two country’s traditions in mind. Ikat has its own motifs and patterns. I have created motifs from the ikat pattern for embroidery, which compliments the ikat.


Aziz Murtazaev has an ikat workshop in Margilan, Fergana vallery, Uzbekistan (story here). This ikat pattern was based on the traditional “Khoshiya gul” design. The natural dyes included madder roots, pomegranate, walnut shell and indigo. Aziz designed this ikat with the intention for further collaboration with embroidery or/and block-printing master.

According to Aziz, “It was woven right before the Kokand festival. When Asif came up with the idea of collaboration natural dyed ikats with his fine embroidery. This was good fortune.”

Congratulations to both, on a wonderful collaboration of culture, creativity and craft.



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  • Vijayalakshmi G. says:

    Amazing read. Will be interested to connecting with Asif Shaikh. Please suggest how I could. Thanking you in advance.