The shape of YOI よい: A drunken evening of Japanese ceramics


25 June 2019

In this issue, we introduce a unique exhibition titled “A Shape of YOI”, which has already started in April 2019.

YOI” is written in Japanese as “よい”. This word has many homonyms. For example, it means “good” or “evening” when written in different characters. Or with another character, it has another meaning as “getting drunk” or “motion sickness”.

The uniqueness of this exhibition comes from the theme of the exhibition, “YOI”, a word with various meanings that allows the artists to have various interpretations.Here, we present some exhibitors’ images from this exhibition. In this exhibition, 408 artists have exhibited. Most of the exhibits are ceramic works, but there are also lacquer works, glass, metal and textile works.

Gallery VOICE exhibition A Shape of YOI


Tomoko Kawakami graduated from Ishoken (Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center) in 1978. She won the Special Judge’s Award selected by Yusuke Aida at the 5th International Ceramic Competition MINO (Japan) in 1998, and she also won the grand prize at the 54th Premio Faenza (Italy) in 2005 She has served as the general manager at Gallery VOICE since 2006.



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