Reading posts

Though we are mostly online, many of our readers have requested an opportunity to read our articles in print form. In response, we have printed a limited edition compendium from our first year. This compendium is being placed in a small number of cafes that share our sensibility, reflects a personal taste and have a shelf of books where Garland might rest. Please ask to read this when you visit the cafe, or if you prefer you can purchase a copy here

This list is slowly growing. Feel free to nominate your favourite cafe so we can invite them to be one of our reading posts.


Seniman Cafe 

St. Sriwedari No 5, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80581

Now one of Indonesia’s leading specialty coffee and design brands Seniman believe there is a revolution in specialty coffee. If 3rd Wave coffee happened in coffee consuming countries then 4th Wave is ‘3rd Wave’ happening in coffee producing countries. Seniman are a green bean processor, coffee exporter, roaster, designer, maker, explorer, and proudly based in Indonesia – Seniman is 4th Wave. 




318 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, Melbourne

Choukette is renowned for its fresh sweet and savoury pastries, cooked by Nans Wojtczak, originally from Poitiers in western France. But it also has a very convivial atmosphere with friendly staff and a back room with some well-chosen books for reading and crayons for drawing.