Thank you for your many responses to our survey so far. Here’s a brief overview of the results.

Which elements of Garland magazine would you like to see continue?

You clearly wanted us to continue publishing stories (90%), but there was strong support for our other existing features, particularly the email newsletter. In comments, there was a strong appreciation of Garland’s diversity of content.

What new elements would you like to see?

In order, the requested elements were Artist profiles (72%), Courses on world craft (60%), Conferences and meetings (58%), Online gallery (54%) and Library of reference texts (48%). Most other elements suggested ways of structuring our information through indexes, maps and databases.

What questions would you like to see explored in the future?

The two most popular questions were What is the value of the handmade today? (76%) and How does craft connect us with nature? (71%).

What potential projects would interest you?

Craft Renaissance exhibition (58%), Dictionary of World Craft (53%), Materials Library (50%) and Value of Craft report (50%). There were an abundance of other questions offered, mostly related to the value of craft.

What ethical codes would you like to see?

Best Practice for Craft-Design Collaborations (62%), Best Practice for Craft Tourism (59%) and Best Practice for Craft Competitions (41%)

Your comments were much appreciated. We’re pleased that Garland is valueable to you. We also hear that we could improve our website to make it easier to navigate. We’ll certainly work on that.

If you expressed interest in contributing to Garland, we will be in touch.

If you haven’t completed the survey yet, we still value your views and will accept responses.

But we have a follow up question that may suggest ways we can work together:

Thank you ✿  for sharing a possible future.