To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


Zakiyaben and Adilbhai Khatri: Kindred explorers - In an extract from Judy Frater's forthcoming book, two bandhani artisans share their journey with Somaiya Kala Vidya to realise their designs in successful careers.
Vicki Mason ✿ Canopy - In conversation with the Australian Design Centre, Vicki Mason describes the concern with the vandalisation of suburban trees that motivated her current work.
Angie Faye Martin ✿ At home on Country - Guest editor Angie Martin finds resonance with the stories in The Land: Caring Through Making
Mirror maze - Explore the reflected world in stories of mirror craft.
Afsaneh Modiramani ✿ A nest in the city - For Afsaneh Modiramani, the slow nature of weaving gives meaning to an ever-expanding and alien urban environment.
Trellis ✿ Jewellery on land - The Trellis features jewellery made to adorn not the human body, but the land on which the body stands.
Together with Montaigne’s Cat: Gyeonggi Ceramics Biennale 2024 - In 2024, South Korea's international ceramics biennale will reflect how ceramics bridges race, culture and history.
One step back, two steps forward: The key to South Korea’s success - How does keeping alive Joseon dynasty heritage help South Korea become a world leader in contemporary crafts?
Falepipi he Mafola ✿ 30 years of a Niue collective - A handsome tome about Niue demonstrates that the depth of a culture can be far greater than the size of the population. Each island of Moana is its own treasure.
Dacha ✿ Stories from Eastern Europe - The dacha is a country house found across Eastern Europe where families can enjoy being close to nature.