To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


How to join a Kooch migration today - Saman Qazvinin and Yeganeh Shokrollahi take us on an odyssey with Bakhtiari nomads, courtesy of IRANomad
Views of Brisbane at hand - Pamela See reviews an exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane that depicts the urban landscape over time through the eyes of first and subsequent peoples.
The Sensorium Series in 2023 - In 2023, the Garland platform will host a series of issues on taste, sound, smell and touch that help us "reconnect" with the world and expand the identity of craft beyond "visual" art.
Jesse Adams Stein: Do we still need to make things? - We interview Jesse Adams Stein about what she learned in writing Industrial Craft in Australia and the risks in not being able to make things anymore.
The Grandfather Clock: A dark history tolls - Sebastian Blackie winds a grandfather clock which then unwinds its dark history.
Suoyi: RuCai Lyu’s rain cape and its ongoing tradition of protection - Shuai Shuo finds one of the few remaining makers of the palm fibre raincoat that has protected Chinese farmers for generations, but has now become a popular good luck charm.
The Last Kai ✿ A Moana renaissance - Our June laurel goes to an epic tapa recreation of da Vinci's Last Supper painting. Tui Emma Gillies shares the journey of its creation.
Avi Amesbury ✿ Our material home - Julie Bartholomew reviews a sensory exhibition of ceramics that connects us to sand, seaweed, ash and other planetary materials.
Nikki Main and Sally Blake ✿ Wood wide web - Nikki Main and Sally Blake share their thoughts that have inspired a series of sublime works which delicately bind space.
Bombay, batik & biotechnics: Gender and nationhood in modernist textiles - As part of our Reinventing the Wheel series, Antonia Behan, Vishal Khandelwal and Michael Mamp reflect on the careers of Ethel Mairet, Nelly Sethna and Ethel Wallace respectively.