To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


An appeal to help textile communities devastated by Cyclone Seroja - Ikat weavers from the "placenta of the earth" in eastern Indonesia seek help to rebuild their communities
Benn Gritt ✿ Beauty by hand - What kind of beauty emerges when the hand rules the eye?
Mary Curtis ✿ The wood between our fingers slows us down - Mary Curtis explains how she has primed her jewellery to provide a tool for medication.
Kanta Kadse ✿ Khajur ki pattiyo - Our May Laurel goes to a broom maker from Madhya Pradesh, whose elegant implements bring beauty to the home.
It began with the daughter-in-law ✿ The story of Bhujodi weavers on 29 May - This story-making event offers a unique encounter with the legendary weavers of Kutch.
fluxed earth ✿ Garden forage vases - Kirstie Murdoch & Rye Senjen share their daily bush walk and the vases that provide a place for what we ourselves might gather.
Maryam Mohamadi ✿ Mageli - Maryam Mohamadi uses a traditional craft of felt hat-making to produce home decor for Iranian homes.
The Art of Masks - The eighth Reinventing the Wheel talk focuses on the craft of protection, as featured in the latest issue of The Journal of Modern Craft.
Mark Eliott ✿ Essence of Cloud - Grace Cochrane recounts the quest to extract the essence of clouds as revealed in the exhibition by glass artist Mark Eliott.
Kangaroo scouse  - Niyoka Bundle shares a recipe that combines Gunditjmara and English stories.