To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


Let a hundred craft histories bloom - Kevin Murray finds Glenn Adamson's new book about the USA to be a valuable addition to the global library of national craft histories.
Waking up in Tuva - Michael Cline's quest for Tuvan throat-singing led him to a culture that is finely tuned to its mountain landscape.
Cherokee basket ecology - The ᎢᏛᏍᎦ ᏫᏥᏤᎢ ᎠᎵᏰᎵᏒ Weaving Across Time exhibition reflects the profound role of basket making in a custodianship of nature.
Sophie Moran ✿ The batter bowl - Sophie Moran dedicates her classic ceramic bowl to the memory of William Morris.
Teaching through windows: How to conduct an online craft workshop - A special workshop on 31 January will focus on how to conduct a craft workshop online
Nicolette Johnson ✿ Shimmering turquoise - Our January laurel is awarded to Nicolette Johnson for her stoneware vase with mesmerising handles.  
Yuko Kikuchi: Where to find Mingei in Japan today - In a Garland podcast, Yuko Kikuchi finds the spirit of Mingei in contemporary Japan, associated with MUJI department store and manga comics.
Mancapat: Heritage batik from today’s soil - A Singapore exhibition features the heritage textile Batik Tenun Gedog that has been produced according to circular principles using homegrown cotton.
Manzanito ✿ A national hero of rural craft - Our Craft Currencies issue is dedicated to Luis Manzano Cabello, a rural artisan whose magic forms uplifted Chilean craft and inspired pride in vernacular traditions.
An examined life: Fairweather and China - Stephanie Radok reviews a book about the Australian painter's long engagement with Chinese culture.