To complement the seasonal issue of Garland every three months, enjoy these ‘threads’ that appear every day or so.


Mid-Autumn Festival: A time to make many blessings under the same moon - Wishing a long life to share the graceful moonlight, though thousands of miles apart. 但愿人长久,千里共婵娟
Lockdown has revealed the enduring crafts of Morocco - Our podcast interview with the Moroccan brass smith Hamza El Fasiki reflects on the crafts that survive in Morocco when the tourist no longer come.
Joachim Froese ✿ The Sunshine of Yesterday  - Adam Monohon writes about an artist who uses the ancient art of salt photography to capture today's materiality.
Philomena Yeatman ✿ Hairy Men and Little People - Francoise Lane shares the story of Yarrabah artist Philomena Yeatman that inspired a recent collection of ceramic figures.
Anuradha Chauhan: A secret of the Himalayas - Join us in the foothills of the Himalayas to learn its stories and support its crafts.
Gabbee Stolp ✿ Memories in flux - Sarah Stewart finds the work of Tasmanian jeweller Gabbee Stolp reflects the fleeting beauty that flows down the Derwent River.
Tessa Aroha Harris ✿ Kōrimurimuri dreams - Keri-Mei Zagrobelna lies on the mat woven by Tessa Aroha Harris and dreams of the traditional Māori seaweed dish made by her grandmother.
Govindbhai ✿ Keri classic - LOkesh Ghai presents a keri motif, a Western Indian version of paisley, by master block carver, Govindbhai.
Miquel Barceló ✿ Metamorphosis - Jessica Hemmings reviews an exhibition by Majorcan artist Miquel Barceló of monumental and metamorphic ceramic works.
Mel Douglas ✿ Latitude - Our September Laurel is awarded to Mel Douglas for a majestic duo of glass vessels that seamlessly capture the motion of making.