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Mark Eliott, Light Dragon, 2016, with lighting by Johannes Muljana, photo: Pamela Lee Brenner and Johannes Muljana

“Light Dragon represents to me, the sublime musical and luminous form of the Leafy Sea Dragon as it sails through the seaweed forests of Southern Australian waters. The male nurses the eggs on its tail until they hatch. This is related to my previous work Phycaduras Eques but is larger and hollow blown with a focus on translucence and luminosity assisted with internal LED lighting by Johannes Muljana. In this work I am influenced by the impossible yet bold 19th century project to accurately represent marine organisms which was undertaken by the father and son team of bohemian glassblowers: Rudolph and Leopold Blaschka. I also wish to acknowledge the possible yet brave project undertaken by scientists in the current era, to save these species which now face a variety of environmental challenges to their survival.

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