Garland has a special place for individuals who can use it to build their networks and help evolve the platform as a space for creative dialogue in the wider world.

The concept of dandelion is inspired by Param Sendai, a group in Japan that sought to reach out to a minority Korean community. It used the image of a young woman holding up the dandelion to catch the wind, representing small groups that are often short-lived, but whose members go on to form groups of their own.

We have introduced new features, such as:

  • Soundtrack for locating the writing place
  • Welcome audio message from the author
  • Follow up with the subjects of an article for their perspective and interests
  • Open call online exhibition
  • Use of non-English words for issue titles
  • Guideline for use of the first person in writing
  • Hand-decorated covered for essays
  • Reading posts in cafes

We welcome those interested in helping develop Garland. For inquiries, email kris@garlandmag.com.