A garden of stories

“We need stories (and theories) that are just big enough to gather up the complexities and keep the edges open and greedy for surprising new and old connections.”

Donna Harraway

Objects help us live among the stories we value. They are stories we can hold, adorn our world, offer as gifts and care for over time.

Over the past five years, we’ve collected more than a thousand stories from 63 countries. These are timeless stories that deserve a future. There’s still much to learn from them.

A garden of stories has a balance of species, from unique treasures to humble everyday utensils. We can wander through pathways, exploring particular media, places and themes.

It’s an opportunity ty to appreciate the season, too. Modernity has flattened our world with a 24/7 consumer culture. To “Garland the Year”, we are tying each path to a different day in our global cultural calendar. You might like to use this day to explore one of our narrative threads.

Features of the garden are designed for the long term. They will grow as new stories are planted in the Garland platform. We welcome proposals to dedicate a feature in the memory of someone (or something) special. Feel free to contact us for details.


  • Peach garden: stories from China (Ching Ming)
  • Charbagh: stories from the Islamic world (Ramadan)
  • Lotus pond: stories from Buddhist south-east Asia (Songkran)
  • Aqal: stories from Africa (Elephant day)
  • Wattle Park: stories of acacia (Wattle day)
  • Ofrendas: stories from Mexico (Dias de los Muertos)
  • Mandir/shrine: stories from India (Diwali)




For a taste of what’s to come, please explore the lost garden.

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