Rudee Tancharoen ✿ Grasping the ephemeral

Rudee Tancharoen bridges the dualities of metal and dust, city and village. She offers us a portal into the generative culture to be found in Thailand today.

“My jewellery are not made for body decoration, but are objects to carry with the body, to remind the carrier of their existence and context.”

I work mostly at my atelier in Bangna, the outskirts of Bangkok. I established Atelier Rudee in 2011 with the purpose of introducing and fostering a fundamental understanding of contemporary art jewellery in Thailand. It serves as a hub where local and international artists, craftsmen, and designers come together to share their knowledge and experiences. We organize various events such as jewellery lectures, workshops, and curate projects and exhibitions encompassing art, craft, and design.

Furthermore, I dedicate a significant amount of time to PaAo, a charming village situated in the Ubon Ratchathani province within Thailand’s North-Eastern region. It is there that I not only create my own pieces but also collaborate closely with the local craftsmen. Through organized excursions, I facilitate opportunities for observation and learning about the intricate craft of metal casting, aiming to build connections among craftsmen, artists, and designers. My ultimate aspiration is to contribute to the preservation of the esteemed traditional craftwork that is gradually fading away.

Rudee Tancharoen lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a contemporary jeweller and a director of Atelier Rudee, an international academy of contemporary jewellery in Bangkok. Follow @rudee_tancharoen and like RudeeTancharoen.


Psychometry: Series of PaAo ancient casting bronze hand ornaments with AR - Rudee Tancharoen cast a series of rings in Ban PaAo that were augmented by Peeraphat Kittisuwat, evoking the natural spirits that inspired them.
12 Camels: Take a seat by chance - Nanu Youttananukorn and Lidia Vajda describe an exhibition in where Thai designers and makers were randomly assigned three legs to make a unique stool.
Kan Doenthang: Lost wax to recover a disappearing world - Rudee Tancharoen shares the lost wax casting work made with the village of Baan Pa-Ao for the sake of staying in touch with a grounded way of life.
Quest for the lost bronze casters: A journey to Ban Pa Ao - A dinner party conversation sets Rudee Tancharoen on a quest to find the lost casters of northern Thailand. She discovers an ancient village who welcomed her visit.
Thailand residency: A string of flowers – a sequence of events - Jess Dare takes up a residency in Thailand to understand the culture of the garland. She faces a dilemma. How can a jeweller, who makes works of lasting value, respond to the culture of the garland which is so ephemeral?