Jahan Rezakhanlou ✿ An ancient futurist

Jahan Rezakhanlou enjoys stirring the pot of cultures from his home in Naarm. 

“My role is to connect the ancient mythology and the future.” Björk

Jahan Rezakhanlou is a Swiss-Iranian sound artist and freelance journalist currently living in Naarm, Australia. His writing explores various different themes examining the intersections between art, urbanism, and activism, and generally exploring various cultural narratives from around the world. He has a keen interest in Japanese and Hong Kong culture.

Naarm, otherwise known as Melbourne is a young and emerging city that is still trying to work out its place in the world, much like Jahan himself. It’s isolated from the rest of the world which helps harbour a unique sense of local urban community where many different cultures can combine in their own ways, providing Jahan with a platform to explore the intersections between various different cultural narratives and what binds them together, whilst using traditions to connect to the future.

Jahan’s absolute favourite writer and researcher is the musical trailblazer, Francis Bebey, a pioneer in the world of merging tradition with futurism as a form of artistic decolonization.


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