The Street

Local Mithila artists participating in a pop-up mural at Gangasagar, Janakpur.

Issue 34 of Garland features the street. This is the first in a series of issues: Together Spaces, reflecting the contexts where we assemble. Making spaces to come together is critical to meet the key challenges of our time.

So many incidental things happen on the street. There are non-verbal exchanges, such as eye contact or a faint smile. Occasionally, there’ll be a friendly exchange of help with directions. Some will get dressed up for the street or even march down it in protest.

But the street is dying. We travel more in cars, and they’re getting bigger.  If on the street, we have our heads down, looking at our phones. But we’re going out less. ordering goods and meals online.

In these private bubbles, it’s easier to cast the other as a demon. We lose the trust in each other which is critical for facing challenges that require solidarity, such as climate change.

Work made for the street—for the public eye—can help reactivate our urban commons. In this issue, we share stories that demonstrate the creative capacity of the street.

The guest editor for this issue is Melissa Cameron. Many thanks to Andrea Ferrari, Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros, Center for Craft, Inner West City Council and Paul Sepaniak.

Street action

Street illustrated

Street threshold

Street forever

Street cred

Tiago Ishiyama ✿ It’s all or nothing in the favela

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Brazilian street artist Tiag8 Ishiyama (1983-2022).