Biopolymer fibre in basketry: An interview with Paula Camiña about Co-Obradoiro Galego


22 June 2023

We interview Paula Camiña about a project that epitomises the circular ethic at the heart of the New European Bauhaus.

Co-Obradoiro Galego is a collaborative project by three basketmakers and designer Paula Camiña, looking at biotechniques to help regenerate and revive Galician craft heritage. We speak with Paula about the origins of this project and how it stems from her own roots in the region. We learn about the impact of foresty monoculture and its impact on basketmakers. The use of a biopolymer fibre produced from seafood waste offers a circular path to help promote this traditional craft.

The basketmakers are Rubén Berto, Carlos González and Enrique Táboas. Follow @paula.camina

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