Design and Eastern Arab Countries – call for papers


6 April 2018

Al-Azhar Park, Cairo, supported by Aga Khan Trust, photo: Qassim Saad

Arab cultures have come to prominence recently mostly through the miraculous rise of the Gulf mega-cities, such as Dubai. These seem like ultra-modern spaces detached from their otherwise arid and hostile environment. But clearly, these cultures have a rich material history which can form the basis for a more grounded future. A new volume offers a space to think further about this.

Editors: Dr Qassim Saad and Dr Tony Fry

The book title: Design and Eastern Arab Countries: Its Past, Present & Future

The aim of this book is to provide a clear overview of the region that stimulates debate, gives direction to the development of design education, and provides an agenda that would strategically inform practitioners.

Respondents to the Expression of Interest are invited to propose a topic for a 5,000-word essay in one of the three parts of the book.

Part 1. Looking back on the history of design: tradition, colonialism and modernity. The topics invited would all critically reflect upon the relation between the place of design and the pre-modern, modern and contemporary history of the region.

Part 2. An evaluation of ‘the now’: what is the present picture of design practices and education in the region? This question is posed against the backdrop of conflict, political instability, economic circumstances, and socio-cultural problems and possibilities.

Part 3. Futuring the Region: How can design education, knowledge and practices contribute to the repair and transformation of the region so that it is better able to meet its challenges and constitute a viable and equitable future for all the societies of the region.

Please send a one-page Expression of Interest (12pt double-spaced) with the following information:

  • The chapter title and abstract
  • Your name and position
  • Work address
  • The email address:
  • And a short Bio (150) word

Please, send your contribution by Monday 30th/April/2018 To:

At this stage, we would like to receive EOI’s with chapters written either in English or Arabic 

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