IMG_5 | Ikuntji Style: In conversation at afternoon tea 

Dress 1: Textile design: Tali Tali Sandhills by Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon. Fabric: Ochre and Yellow on Black Tuscany Linen. Dress Creation by Carolyn Smith, Frock On, 2021 . Dress 2: Textile design: Puli Puli Rocks by Keturah Zimran. Fabric: Black and Silver on Peacock Silk. Dress Worn by Jessica Mouboy, Indigenous Fashion Projects Runway, 2021 Dress 3: Textile design Tjilkamala Rockholes by Alice Nampitjinpa Dixon. Fabric: Red and orange on gray cotton. Children’s Skirt, Hat & Top – Otoshiana Pockets, Outfit by Cara Bailie (image by Louis Lim)

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