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Still from Nostalgia for the Light (Patricio Guzmán, 2010)

In the circle of life, we are present because we are the past, and for this reason, the future. It is impossible to escape this, and it cannot be forgotten. To forget is to lose the memory of the future.

Mapuche poet, Elicura Chihuailaf

The final issue of the Garland journey reaches across the Pacific to South America.

The completion of a journey is a time to look ahead to the future. This is an opportunity to consider future generations. At a time when the future is clouded with apocalyptic visions of climate change and planetary disaster, how can we envision a world that will welcome our grandchildren and beyond?

This involves expanding our sense of time beyond the present. What are the larger circles of time that we are part of?  We draw on traditional ways of understanding how the world came to be and where it is heading. We look to the stars. We step back, to move forward.

This issue involves listening to Indigenous peoples who have maintained their culture over the millennia. We are working with different Indigenous groups including Funcación Wechoyen and the translation project of the Mbya myth, Ayvu Rapyta.

Submissions are due 1 November 2020.