Garland #3 “With Nature” now out


4 July 2016

Garland #3 - Grace

Grace Lillian Lee, Jetty Love collection, 2016

Cairns | Brisbane | Pilbara | Ernabella | Canberra | India | Laos | Vietnam | Malaysia | Papua New Guinea | Chile

Garland continues its journey to the places behind the objects we make. Issue #3 features a quarterly essay by Kim Mahood about Sally Simpson’s mummified histories, the vibrant craft and design of North Queensland, the exhibition Nature Craft, jewellery projects in outback Australia, stunning rattan work from Vietnam and wise words from craft thinkers Jasleen Dhamija and Glenn Adamson. The stories in “With Nature” explore how we live together, humans with other beings, indigenous with non-indigenous—finding common ground while respecting difference. Our cover shows work from Cairns designer Grace Lillian Lee on display at Cairn Regional Art Gallery. 

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