4. Sikkimese Lepcha Girls Dressed in the Traditional Bakhu with Buddhist Scriptures Rested on Their Shoulders | Saga Dawa: The blessing of the scriptures

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  • Phurmit lepcha says:

    Dear editor sir,
    This is not lepcha’s traditional dress actually,
    Though lepcha people are buddhist,but the title of your article is very wrong,we lepcha people have our own traditional attire called dumvun for girls which is also knows as gadha in common language( nepali language) and dumpra for boys.
    This is my sincare request for you to kindly re-edit the title.Bakhu is traditional attire of bhutia, you can replace the lepcha girl with Bhutia girl.

    • Kevin Murray says:

      Thank you for this feedback. We will contact the author about this important information and make any changes necessay.

  • Sukhendra Ghosh says:

    Bakhu is a traditional dress of Bhutanese.