Garland ✿ Laurel

Every month, we share an object made recently that we think is especially wonderful.

Susie Vickery ✿ Embroidery portraits - Our July Laurel goes to Susie Vickery for her unique genre of embroidery portraits.
Chelsea Lemon ✿ Marquetry in its place - Chelsea Lemon's parquetry designs deftly combine function and decoration.
Saeed Arzegan ✿ Love whisper - Our May laurel goes to an Iranian artist who reflects his culture's mastery of wood inlay and crafts a story about standing up for the victimised.
The droop lamp ✿ Adam Markowitz & Apple Huang - Our April laurel goes to Adam Markowitz and Apple Huang for their Droop Lamp, which reveals new possibilities of beauty from the waste that is our industrial legacy. 
Manami Aoki ✿ Kushi-ireru-ki (hair of wood) - Our laurel for March 2019 goes to emerging Tokyo jeweller Manami Aoki for her work "Hair of wood".
Shlomit Bauman & Abed ElJaabari ✿ The earth we share - Our February laurel goes to Israeli artist Shlomit Bauman for her collaboration with Palestinian potter, Abed ElJaabari. Their combination of traditional pots and cast modern goods is a compelling use of clay as a common language.
Wanda Gillespie ✿ Abacus - Our January laurel goes to Wanda Gillespie's gorgeous abacus. She takes mathematics on a detour.
Andile Dyalvane ✿ uTyityilizi - Our December laurel goes to the South African ceramicist Andile Dyalvane for his powerful vessel titled, uTyityilizi.
Liliana Ojeda ✿ November laurel - The November laurel goes to Chilean jewellery artist, Liliana Oleada. Her bold work uses her facility with materials to imagine internal forms within our body, making beauty from our hidden life forms.
Jos Mitchell ✿ Entwined - Our October laurel goes to a luminous ceramic bowl by Jos Mitchell.
Anne Jillett ✿ “Sitting on a milk crate each week…” - To celebrate the beautiful and thoughtful works that are made across the Indo-Pacific, we're introducing an "object of the month". The first of these laurels goes to Anne Jillett for her Salt Pot. Anne lives in Babinda, Queensland. You can see more of her work at Ellis Road Fibre Arts