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8 March 2016

Garland #2 - StockdalePunjab – Adelaide – Nagaland – Sulawesi – Ghana – Ahmedabad – Thailand – New Zealand – Mexico

Garland continues its journey to the places behind the objects we make. Issue #2 features a quarterly essay by Gopika Nath about a remarkable textile that threads the tumultuous history of modern India. We spend time in Adelaide, renowned for its craft production, learning about the life-story of the Kink, a craft classic from the JamFactory, the legendary Gate 8 as the inaugural Workshops of the World, reflections on the craft revival by academic Susan Luckman and ceramicist Damon Moon,  and Guildhouse’s marvellous Traditional Crafts program. 

We also take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the Adelaide Biennial, exploring the making processes and journeys of Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Louise Haselton, Jacqui Stockdale and Heather B. Swann. 

And much more, including all you ever wanted to know about wearing a turban.

We recommend you take a little time to explore our garden. Try a Sunday afternoon. 

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