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Victoria Manganiello tells us about a social change project that invites artists to apply their creativity to making recipes for a better world. 
Serendouce Crafts commissioned Nishijin brocade maker Kohei Murata to apply the lustrous kimono textile technique to a set of chopsticks.

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Angie Martin ✿ At home on Country - Guest editor Angie Martin finds resonance with the stories in The Land: Caring Through Making
Mirror maze - Explore the reflected world in stories of mirror craft.
Afsaneh Modiramani ✿ A nest in the city - For Afsaneh Modiramani, the slow nature of weaving gives meaning to an ever-expanding and alien urban environment.
Trellis ✿ Jewellery on land - The Trellis features jewellery made to adorn not the human body, but the land on which the body stands.
Together with Montaigne’s Cat: Gyeonggi Ceramics Biennale 2024 - In 2024, South Korea's international ceramics biennale will reflect how ceramics bridges race, culture and history.
One step back, two steps forward: The key to South Korea’s success - How does keeping alive Joseon dynasty heritage help South Korea become a world leader in contemporary crafts?

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Ottchil: Light from Nature
Korean Cultural Centre Australia (Sydney)
22 March - 21 June 2024
On Repeat: The art of playing with pattern
Sturt Gallery (Mittagong)
11 May - 30 June 2024
Vessels: Transcending Tradition
Australian Design Centre (Sydney)
6 June - 20 July 2024
Australian Design Centre (Sydney)
8 June - 20 July 2024

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