The Gift of Time: Call for works


14 July 2020

What have we made of the unique gift of time provided by the 2020 lockdown. Garland showcases examples of works made during the global pandemic.

What will happen when we come out of lockdown? Some are worried that there will be a stockpile of unsold works, which will bring down prices at a time when many are wanting to repay debts. But there is every reason to believe that the works made during lockdown are of exceptional quality. The goal of this project is to raise expectations about the unique body of work produced during the extra time offered by 2020.

Good things take time. Quality is often at odds with the urgent demands of a modern market. Now is a time to rediscover the beauty of slowness.

At this time of year in Western countries, households traditionally start preparing their Christmas pudding, allowing months for the flavours to develop. Patience rewards. The best wine takes years to age well. In recent times, the Slow Movement has helped us appreciate the value of care and stillness. And objects we treasure often contain the gift of time in the many hours, days sometimes even months it has taken to produce a work.

While the lockdown has caused immense hardship across the globe, for some it has given extra time to focus on creative pursuits. For craftspersons, it has offered time to explore new designs, develop skills and take greater care in the making.

Below are works selected for the Gift of Time:

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