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2 April 2024

Fiona Gavino, Breath: Inhale Exhale, 180 x 110 x 80cm, Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe, 2024; photo: Michael Goh

Fiona Gavino is our April laurel for a work that monumentalises basket-making as an expression of meditation.

Fiona Gavino’s “Breath Inhale Exhale” is a handwoven sculpture using basket-making materials and techniques. It was showcased at Sculpture by the Sea on Cottesloe beach, Perth. The work is based on Gavino’s experience of meditation. The gold leaf used to decorate the form “reflects those moments of clarity and meditation and purity: the hope laden in the landscape in Australia.” The work is designed to move back and forth with the wind.

My studio is perched on a cliff top at the Manjaree (Bathers Beach Art Precinct) in (Walyalup) Fremantle, in Perth Western Australia. This place Perth on the west coast of Australia is the most remote capital city in the world, my studio I like to refer to as the ‘powder room’. During World War II the area was known as Fort Arthur and my now studio with its triple brick walls was used to test the gunpowder for levels of humidity. Basketry is my point of departure and I use this medium to create sculpture, installation, video and printmaking.

Visit like fiona.gavino and follow @fionagavino.

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