Hand Medal Project: Taking care of caregivers


26 May 2020

Garland actively supports the Hand Medal Project, which bestows caregivers with handmade metal tokens of respect and gratitude.

The Hand Medal Project is a collective effort to acknowledge the work of front-line caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Individual jewellery makers are invited to make small metal hands which are sent to a Hand Keeper who then gives them to a Hand-Giver associated with caregiving, who bestows them on individual health workers as a collective recognition of their dedication.

As the organisers write:

While we are all watching caregivers, nurses, and doctors giving all they can to our communities, risking their lives for us, we want to find a way to honor them. They should all get a medal, a votive offering given in gratitude or devotion. At some point, this crisis will end and there will be a moment when we can thank them for all they do. We propose to present as many health workers as we can with a medal based on a traditional ex-voto, also to mark the moment when we can see a future.⁣

Jewellers can register here to participate. For project background, see Art Jewelry Forum.









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