Manami Aoki ✿ Kushi-ireru-ki (hair of wood)


6 March 2019

Manami Aoki, Kushi-ireru-ki, 2019, Japanese cypress, H335 x W100 x D3mm

Our laurel for March 2019 goes to emerging Tokyo jeweller Manami Aoki.

Her first solo exhibition at Hiko Mizuno Jewelry College featured poignant works the imbued humble objects and materials with a life spirit. As Manami Aoki writes for this exhibition, “I live with jewellery. It means that I constantly consider how to wear objects found in my everyday life.”

Kushi-ireru-ki means “wood that can be combed” or “hair of wood”. This work took about a week to fiberise the piece of cedar. “I hammered it little by little and I proceeded a certain length per day in order to maintain focus.” 

You can learn more about Aimi’s work on her website and follow her on Instagram at @_manami__aoki_

Thanks to Makiko Akiyama for help with translation. 

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