“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

Over time, Garland is gathering a creative community across the Indo-Pacific. This page is where you can stay in the loop with updates from events, artists, makers and writers we have featured. 

Scenes from the Americas Crafts Festival in Cuenca - From October 27 to November 5 The Americas Crafts Festival took place in Cuenca (Ecuador). It was organized by the Inter-American Center of Popular Arts, which carefully selected the 150 artisans who were exhibiting their crafts in the booths along the Tomebamba river. From the 150 artisans, 28 were foreigners belonging to ten countries (Indonesia, Argentina, […]
Turkey Red on India Street - A fascinating collaboration between India and Scotland around the mythical dye, Turkey Red.
The Peoples Library, 2018-18 - Tasmania always surprises a place to be creative. Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward have developed an intriguing series of publications as part of Published Event, which we hope to feature in our upcoming issue. In the meantime, they have started another project to publish 100 previously unpublished works by Tasmanians. If you belong to this […]
Balla-Wein Bloomtime by Jenny Crompton - An exhibition by featured Victorian artist Jenny Crompton.
Meet the Neighbours: Creative dialogue with Indonesia - How do we engage with one of the world’s fastest-growing countries? A number of collaborative projects provide a glimpse of the way Indonesia will shape our creative practices in the future.
Hand-Painted signs in Vietnam - A Vietnamese perspective on the revival of manual trades. It’s not something just for inner-urban Western hipsters. Source: Hand-Painted signs
Julie Blyfield and Kirsten Coelho at Gallery Funaki - A collaboration between our inaugural garlandee Kirsten Coelho and Julie Blyfield transforms the humble archeological remnants of domestic life in South Australian mining towns. Source: Klimt02.net Ormolu by Julie Blyfield and Kirsten Coelho
Galeecha: Cultural Textiles Design -   This exhibition is a marvellous sequel to Liz Williamson’s article Sky’s the limit: The Cultural Textiles Rug Project Galeecha: Cultural Textiles Design is an exhibition presenting work designed by students enrolled in the 2017 Cultural Textiles course which ran in Gujarat, India in January / February 2017. One of the course projects involves students designing […]
Korean Craft Trend Fair – 7-10 December - A selection of work from the Craft Trend Fair, South Korea’s largest craft market organised by the Korea Craft & Design Foundation. This is the 12th fair and runs 7-10 December 2017. 
In font we trust – Bangalore Mirror - Our Indian editor, Ishan Khosla, was the subject of an interesting article “In font we trust”in the Bangalore MIrror A visual artist has been creating beautiful typefaces incorporating the intricate mosaic of traditional art forms in the country. Among them is the Chittara art work of Karnataka Source: In font we trust – Bangalore Mirror