To Touch

Issue 33 of Garland will feature the craft of touch.

The stories may include:

  • The importance of texture
  • The use of objects in dance
  • The process of finishing
  • Sight-impaired makers
  • Objects for the body, such as furniture
  • The object on the body, such as jewellery

This issue will be published on 1 December 2023. You can find guidelines for submitting a story here. The deadline for stories is 1 November 2023. Please let us know in advance of your idea here. If you’d like to be a pathfinder and share the development of this issue, please send an email

Stories from other issues about touch:

Inner Traces: A dance of three rings - Inner Traces is an elemental dance of metal and flesh. It was performed by Michaela Pegum using only her two hands adorned by three gold rings. She explains how this work came about and what she learnt from it.
The use of function - Rob Barnard argues for the value of use in ceramics as the door into a multi-sensuous experience.
Bilums and bilas: From bags to jewels in PNG - Jessica Cassell writes of her time in PNG and the opportunity she saw to add value for local women by evolving the bilum bags into jewellery.
Castlemaine Currency: Towards a grounded economy - Dale Cox and Jodi Newcombe explain the origins and aims of producing coinage from clay for exclusive use within the town of Castlemaine.
Benn Gritt ✿ Beauty by hand - What kind of beauty emerges when the hand rules the eye?
Cupinzeiros: Back in touch with childhood - Lidia Lisbôa creates her cupinzeiros (termite mounds) as a way to stay in touch with her childhood home.
No touching – A curatorial reading of contemporary ceramics on Instagram - Yasmin Masri explores the new genre of ceramics emerging in the medium of Instagram.
Knot Touch: From greenhouse to gallery - Jaqui Knowles explains the ways in which the NZ Maritime Museum has unraveled the potential of Jae Kang's tomato plant installation.
The social lamellophone - Gary Warner guides us through the journey of a lamellaphone, from its history in Africa to its urban reconstruction in Sydney as a social object. This article betrays a unique interplay between art, craft, music and community.
An invitation to look but not touch: The Rigg Design Prize 2015 - Maurizio Toscano on the tantalising paradox on the display of liveable design in a white cube art gallery.