To Touch

Tactile lacquer box from Seoul Museum of Craft Art.


September 2023 Issue 33 of Garland features the craft of touch. This issue completes our Sensorium series of the non-visual senses.

This issue explores varied ways of understanding touch: Objects made for holding, for handling. Pieces that guide new ways of moving. The experience of wearing something. The physicality of making. The feel of clay, cloth and copper. Skilful hands. Fingermarks left behind. A shared connection, and a sense of intimacy. Embodied histories of creating and understanding through craft.

Our tactile sense brings us into dialogue with the world.

Yasmin Masri, guest editor

The five ways of touch

To bring into contact with your body

To grasp, to use your hands to understand

To leave a mark, trace or impression

To be close, to connect, to be in community

To make and build

The guest editor for this issue is Yasmin Masri.

Special thanks to Vision Australia, Master Works and the Australian Design Centre.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Mavis Ganambarr (1966 – 2023).