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Victoria Manganiello tells us about a social change project that invites artists to apply their creativity to making recipes for a better world. 
Serendouce Crafts commissioned Nishijin brocade maker Kohei Murata to apply the lustrous kimono textile technique to a set of chopsticks.

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Hmong spirits sojourn on their way back home - Pamela See writes about Queensland artist Vanghoua Anthony Vue, whose work offers an insight into the epic cultural journey of the Hmong.
Clay pit - Welcome to the Clay Pit, where you can explore the many stories about ceramics. You can learn how ceramics honours the land from whence it comes, tells stories across millennia, orchestrates our rituals and serves us during the day, giving meaning to the simple acts of eating and drinking. The steward for this feature is the Lesotho ceramicist, ‘Matsooana Sekokotoana. My name is ‘Matsooana Sekokotoana (‘Mabafokeng Seala) from Maseru, Lesotho. I am an artist with a special interest in sculpting & ceramics, particularly fond of using clay as a medium. Clay is not only accessible but is easy to use and mould when one is creating objects of whatever size or shape. It is very malleable, but very strong when […]
Bubu Ogisi ✿ Masks that reveal hidden spirits - Bubu Ogisi speaks about her masquerade costumes, which belong to spirits that can heal the disorder in the world.
UYalezo – New Traditions - Andile Dyalvane's ceremonial ceramic works embody traditional knowledge about nature transmitted by ancestors.
Introduction: A taste of the world - Liliana Morais introduces the Taste-Makers issue, whose stories reflect the sense of place, gustatory experience of objects and ways of coming together. 
Tea house - This is a time to rest and imbibe some restorative food and drink. The plate on which the food sites and the cup that you bring to your lips, all have stories to tell.

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1 April - 20 August 2023

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