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Stella Maria de Guia writes about Ernesto Du-lang, proud resident woodcarver of the Baguio City Museum, Philippines.

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Kevin Diallo ✿ Ode to Zouglou  - Claire Grant talks to Kevin Diallo about the vivid imprints of his journey from Cote d’Ivoire in the churchie emerging art prize.
Chiharu Shiota ✿ The Soul Trembles Ruptures Realities - Pamela See is intrigued by the Shinto roots in Chiharu Shiota's exhibition, in which she deconstructs the canvas to envelop the viewer in purifying threads.
Neke Moa ✿ How to make deities for everyday use - We interview Neke Moa to learn about being a custodian of pounamu and how she uses it to connect with atua as guiding spirits.
Latifa Zafar Attaii ✿ One Thousand Individuals - Susann Wintsch writes about Latifa Zafar Attaii's embroidered photographs that reflect the fraught identity of Hazara refugees.
Kelly Austin ✿ Suspended decompositions - Jane Stewart writes about Kelly Austin's ceramics, whose material response to the mined landscape of Queenstown reflects the genre of still life in painting.
Animita ✿ Stories from South America - Liliana Ojeda shares her feelings about the animita, a roadside shrine that forms a motif for the stories about what we make in South America.

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Storymakers in Contemporary Art
Japan Foundation (Sydney)
29 July - 28 January 2023
North Art Gallery (Auckland)
27 August - 7 October 2022
Full Circle: Karen Tapestry Weavers
Australian Tapestry Workshop (Melbourne)
1 September - 18 November 2022
fluxedearth | The colour of iron
Bendigo Pottery (Bendigo)
10 September - 23 October 2022
DRAWING THE LINE: handwoven tapestries by Sara Lindsay
Barometer (Sydney)
17 September - 2 October 2022
Resilience: New Reflections on Javanese Traditions
Meet The Makers Indonesia (Jakarta)
30 September - 29 December 2022

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