“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

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One Village One Product: A global platform for local craft (17 Feb) - The fifth talk in Reinventing the Wheel takes us to Senegal, where Joseph Ndione will introduce the One Village One Product movement, an international platform for rejuvenating rural communities.
Jay Thakkar ✿ The fourth wave in craft education - Our first podcast of 2021 features one of the most innovative forces in Indian craft, reflecting Ahmedabad's status as a unique cultural centre.
Sara Lindsay ✿ Searching for cinnamon - Sara Lindsay takes a boat to the cinnamon island in Sri Lanka, where she is inspired by the work of the cinnamon peeler to weave enduring works of art from the quills.
Rajan Vankar ✿ A lifelong love for the loom - Using his hard-won English skills, Rajan Vankar shares his pride and knowledge of Kutchi weaving designs and techniques, inspired by nature and traditions intertwined.
Taller Grulla ✿ The forest at hand - Our January laurel goes to a Chilean workshop that makes objects for daily life inspired by earth and forest. 
Tiao David Nithakhong Somsanith: The relevance of royal craft today (20 January 2021) - The fourth talk in Reinventing the Wheel takes us to Laos, where Linda McIntosh will introduce the life and work of a master goldsmith who uses his royal background to uphold craft.
What will be the new flower? - Inspired by Italy's primrose campaign, Garland seeks nominations for its next flower.
Sitaben ✿ A narrative of courage - LOkesh Ghai profiles a bead artisan whose beautiful work reflects an epic commitment to her craft.
Erroll Pires ✿ The master of ply-split braiding - Helen Ting and Khushbu Mathur ask Erroll Pires from Ahmedabad how a timeless textile technique became his life's work.
iThongo: Messages from the ancestors - Andile Dyalvane's new work inscribes Xhosa objects into ceramic seating that supports a gathering of his OoJola clan.
Futaba ✿ Living with a broken beauty - Wakana Yanagida profiles the Japanese vlogger who celebrates the pleasure of living with handmade objects.
Sophie Carnell ✿ Gnat orchid - Our December laurel goes to a jeweller based in Bruny Island, Tasmania, for a silver sculpture inspired by the gnat orchid, whose elegant form clings to the land.
The Heart of the Necklace: A reverse Sleeping Beauty story – 20 December - Listen to stories by Gauri Raje about the bead jewellery by Sitaben Chavda, a unique maker from Ahmedabad.
No more under the radar: On craft disciplines in universities - Seth Ellis argues that crafts are an essential part of university education, but they need to become more connected with other disciplines.
Kumarisari ✿ Buy forward fashion - We learn the thinking behind an innovative approach to India's vibrant market in saris, applying circular economy principles.
Eddy Carroll ✿ A marigold journey - Eddy Carroll applies "wild patience" to the epic embroidery of a marigold garland which gathers together places of the wider world.
Navigating craft in Moana Oceania: Crafting Aotearoa to Tok Stori Tuesdays - The third talk in Reinventing the Wheel takes us to Moana Oceania, where Lagi-Maama will help us appreciate the customary context for craft.
Greening Delhi: An interview with Ranjit Sabikhi - Chitra Balasubramaniam interviews architect Ranjit Sabikhi about his new book, A Sense of Space – The Crisis of Urban Design in India.
Isolation jewels: A well-made life - Vicki Mason "makes" the most of her time during 14-day quarantine, showing how a garland can invite imagination and create joy.
Garland 2.0 ✿ Building a new garden of stories - Garland will begin a new journey next year, bringing cultures of the wider world together to share key questions that we all face.




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