“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

Over time, Garland is gathering a creative community across the Indo-Pacific. This page is where you can stay in the loop with updates from our Friends and Circle. See here if you would like to be featured in this Loop.

Issey Miyake: Pleating craft and technology together  - LOkesh Ghai offers a personal tribute to the Japanese designer who did so much to bring Asian creativity to fashion, including an appreciation of Indian handmade textiles.
Kate Harding ✿ Memories to keep you warm - The Unleashed exhibition at Artisan features compelling quilts by Kate Harding that evoke memories of country.
Billabong ✿ Stories from Australia - Billabong is a pond that appears after the rain. Visit to enjoy craft made in Australia, home to the oldest continuing living civilisation in the world.  
Darkroom ✿ Stories of photographic craft - Visit the Darkroom and enjoy stories of the craft of photography.
Kolam ✿ Stories from the Tamil world - With the Kolam, Tamil peoples ritually adorn the day by decorating the ground. Visit to enjoy Tamil crafts across the world.
Mandir मंदिर ✿ Stories from India - Shrines adorn the Indian landscape. Visit and enjoy the epic stories of craft from India.
Wattle Park - The yellow wattle blossom is found across the world. Enjoy stories of what we make from this gift of spring.
Aqal ✿ Stories from Africa - The aqal is one of the many structures where people gather in Africa. Visit and enjoy the vibrant stories of what we make in Africa today.
Lotus pond ✿ Stories from the Buddhist world - The lotus is a sacred flower throughout much of Asia. Visit the serene Lotus Pond for stories of the Buddhist world.
Charbagh ✿ Stories from the Islamic world - Charbagh is the idealised garden combination of flowers and water. Visit and enjoy stories of great beauty and meaning made in the Islamic world.
Ishigumi 石組 ✿ Japanese rock garden - Ishigumi transforms the mountain landscape into a garden form. Visit and enjoy stories from Japan's rich craft cultures.
Peach Garden ✿ Stories from China - The Peach Garden is a mythical realm where gods gather each year to eat the sacred peaches of immortality. You can visit and enjoy the vibrant craft cultures in China today. 
Glasshouse - Explore the magical world of glass, where sand is transformed into a spectrum of shimmering colour.
Hydroponic ✿ Transplanting roots through migration - The Hydroponic Garden is a place to appreciate the root system of plants, just as the migrant experience exposes cultural roots to be transplanted.
Bren Luke ✿ Life at a distance - Our August laurel is awarded to Bren Luke for his poignant animated illustration of a streetscape in Japan, which invokes the concept of ma, negative space, to reflect the era of social distancing.
From Aotearoa to Uzbekistan: New Zealand in the Zar Festival of Gold, Bukhara - Finn McCahon-Jones feels the vibe from New Zealand makers who participated in an epic celebration of opulence in Central Asia.
Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan: Learning by doing - D Wood reviews Christine Guth’s Craft Culture in Early Modern Japan and finds fascinating detail about the elaborate world of makers.
Tusif Ahmad ✿ A paper trail from heaven to earth - Our July laurel goes to Tusif Ahmad for his papercut works that tell the story of Islamic science through innovative designs and individual skill.
Glenn Adamson ✿ Material Intelligence and the scientific turn - Glenn Adamson speaks about a craft publication project that focuses on four materials a year and seeks to engage a scientific readership.
How to join a Kooch migration today - Saman Qazvinin and Yeganeh Shokrollahi take us on an odyssey with Bakhtiari nomads, courtesy of IRANomad




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