“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

Over time, Garland is gathering a creative community across the Indo-Pacific. This page is where you can stay in the loop with updates from events, artists, makers and writers we have featured. 

Coco and the Disneyfication of craft - Disney's Coco animation seems to demean the life of craft in favour of mass entertainment. Yet, it seems to have a positive net effect for Mexican crafts, particularly in Oaxaca. Coco prompts the question of our relationship to the festival of El Día de los Muertos. Are we spectators, customers or living ghosts?
Calling all scholars: We now have Garland Journal - We’re proud to announce the beginning of our peer-review section of Garland that will feature thoughtful writing from academics from across the Indo-Pacific.  Currently, there is no academic publication that provides a platform for research about creative practice across the Indo-Pacific. This is a dynamic region with many new universities and art schools offering pathways […]
Rirkrit Tiravanija materialises in Singapore - The "relational" artist Rirkrit Tiravanija is known for relatively ephemeral performances, such as meals in galleries. His installation for Singapore's National Gallery is a much more material-based work, involving bamboo scaffolding and tea bowls. This offers a glimpse of our forthcoming Japan issue that will look at how these rituals give life to craft today.  
Andrei Davidoff – The Golden Calf - Guided by the Biblical tale of the Golden Calf, Davidoff draws on his dual practice as a production potter and artist to investigate the tension between an object’s high art cultural value and its social value as a utilitarian object.
Persian Renaissance continues… - Global art jewellery is undergoing a Renaissance as non-Western artists are using this modern medium to renew past layers of their culture. Two Iranian artists are at the forefront of this. A recent exhibition of Ailin Abrisham and Baharak Omidfar give presence to the ancient goddess Anahita. 
What object will we carry through the streets in 2168? - Could you imagine taking a precious museum object out of the cabinet and carrying it through the streets in an annual procession, celebrating our shared cultures?
Filming Mehrnoosh Ganji’s magnificent new work - Mehrnoosh Ganji was our garlandee for the Persian Prospect issue. Here Mark Newbound records the artist her self as she delicately dis-assembles and re-assembles her new work, Golestan Palace. 
Garland Hangout across the Indian Ocean - Join contributors to the Kaya issue of Garland to reflect on the questions raised by their articles. 
Mark Newbound: Filming craft alchemy - Garland is proud to welcome on board our video producer, Mark Newbound.
Midori Tsukada’s oceanic glass - Ocean Depths: Glass works by Midori Tsukada features verdant work in a combination of glass and copper. Shoko Aono shares her thoughts about the series.