“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

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Made for Parade - The Zapotec concept of guendalisaà often involves the contributions members of a community make to festival events, such as processions. This entails beautifully made costumes, masks, floats and decorations. This dimension of creative life is often overlooked because it is not permanent and is found outside the gallery where art is conventionally identified. In this online […]
Why do Koreans use metal chopsticks? - Unlike other Asian cultures whose chopsticks are primarily made of wood, Korean chopsticks are made of metal. Why?
Acrylic adventures in Kazakhstan by Martina Dempf - Martina Dempf reports on a jewellery workshop in Central Asia.
Making memory ✿ The Huldremose woman today - Lisa Sharp writes about three textile artists who attempt to weave memories into their work. Reminiscent of Kim Mahood's essay on an anthropogenic art, she begins by invoking our wonder at the deep time found in museums.
Sahaj ✿ The Vernacular Furniture of Gujarat book - An important new book from our friends in CEPT Ahmedabad about vernacular furniture
Glenn Adamson ✿ The need for material intelligence - Glenn Adamson's new book Fewer, Better Things calls for a "material intelligence" to restore our faith in the "real world".
Tsukumogami ✿ Call for works in Garland #13 online exhibition - Profile your work with the trusted tool that has made it possible.
Margaret Grafton ✿ Weaving power - The Australian tapestry weaver Margaret Grafton produced many important commissions in courts and parliaments. Her technique of weaving with metal was unique.
Jos Mitchell ✿ Entwined - Our October laurel goes to a luminous ceramic bowl by Jos Mitchell.
The enduring appeal of k-craft - Seoul's Handmade Korea sits alongside CICB as an event to attract the world's craft makers and admirers. The enduring beauty of K-craft may be just as important, in the longer run, as the latest fleeting k-pop sensation.
The People’s Library is now open - The People's Library by A Published Event opens at Long Gallery in Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart.
Josh Muir inspired by Oaxaca - Aborignal printmaker Josh Muir reflects on his residency in Oaxaca.
Namako constructs a Japanese sense of place in Canberra - Inspired by the Japanese word for sea cucumber "namako", Kuma’s installation reflects the unique characteristics of the animal’s softness, transparency and form.
When do stories become designs? - A series of glass works by Mimi Jung tell a story of migration. What does this material offer that can't be expressed through words?
Glimpses of the first Indian Ceramics Triennale - We're excited to herald an important new event in our orbit of craft and design in the Indo-Pacific. The first Indian Ceramics Triennale: Breaking Ground is open in Jaipur from 31 August to 18 November 2018.
Bin Dixon Ward ✿ Adding digital to the jeweller’s bench - Melbourne jeweller Bin Dixon Ward is fascinated by the relationship between digital technology, jewellery and its maker. She discusses the development of 3D printed jewellery including her own work in this field.
Yhonnie Scarce ✿ Colonisation in black and white - The Shepparton Art Museum recently announced the winner of the 2018 Indigenous Ceramic Award as Yhonnie Scarce, for her work, Servant and Slave, 2018.
Greybilly ✿ Opal for the anthropocene - While Australia has the world's richest opal deposits, its potential as an artistic medium has been relatively unexplored. An exhibition at Nishi Gallery curated by Yasmin Masri takes a sideways look at opal from a post-mining boom perspective.
Khadim Ali: Australian fauna made in praise - A stunning series by Khadim Ali, rendering iconic Australian animals in calligraphic form.
Divining a new life: Antipodean Encounters in Perth - Antipodean Encounters: Western Australian Artists and Taiwanese Culture is a wide-ranging exhibition curated by Ashley Yihsin Chang. Personal objects were used as a catalyst for conversation between 20 local artists and members of the Perth Taiwanese community who have immigrated to Western Australia.




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