“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

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Works from the International Art Textile Biennale 2023 - Works from the International Art Textile Biennale reveal a woven world.
Follow the algorithm: New journeys through the world of textiles - As part of Reinventing the Wheel, India’s MAP Academy will present a new platform that helps in discovering new artworks and textile objects based on artificial intelligence. There has been much interest in the use of new artificial intelligence tools for writing. What about AI for objects? Craft provides a critical perspective on technology. In this case, we can assess how well algorithms can help us navigate complex collections of craft objects. It also opens our eyes to the innovative culture of contemporary India which seeks to connect the past to the future. We invite you to an online workshop to explore INTERWOVEN, an AI-based platform developed in partnership with Microsoft, that enables users to visualise and draw connections between […]
Crafting “natural” conceptions in and of China, of its nationhood and its people    - Pamela See considers the key political role played by woodcut prints in Chinese communism.
Gathul-gärri / Into the Mangroves  - Will Stubbs and Jo Holder write about works that evoke the world around the fibre works by Yolŋu artists in an exhibition at Cross Arts Projects.
Welcome support for world knowledge-keepers: The Ministry of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil   - Maria Fernanda Paes de Barros shares welcome news of support for Indigenous peoples in the new Lula government of Brazil.
Pushkar women balance life and work on ornate indonis - Shefali Martins writes about the indoni, a richly decorated base still used today by Rajasthanis for balancing pots on their heads.
Transforming the landscape into colour: India’s natural dyes - MAP Academy detail the development of India's iconic natural dyes: madder, indigo and lac.
Ruth Woods ✿ Finding Form with Fibre - A book on Australian fibre sculpture combines inspiring artist profiles with a useful reference to materials and techniques.
Tafarrojgah ✿ The Persian garden - Reihane Raei introduces stories about objects made in Iran that reflect the ideal of the Persian garden.
Taste-makers: Tools for slow eating and drinking - For our March issue, Garland salutes our Taste-makers with an online exhibition of objects that enhance the experience and meaning of what we eat and drink.
Nagme Zaeri ✿ An embellished life in Iran - Nagme Zaeri writes about the cultures of north and south Iran that inspire her textiles.
Luleå Protocols for Knowledge Exchange – 2022 - As part of Sweden's Luleå Biennial, Garland facilitated a pilot knowledge exchange to develop a reciprocal platform for global knowledge sharing.
Patterns of Settlement: A kangaroo skin map of Sydney Cove - Beth Hatton pieces together a map of Sydney Cove from kangaroo skin offcuts as a reflection on settlerism.
Lucia Nieves ✿ You have blooms - Our December laurel goes to Lucia Nieves in Puerto Rico, for watercolours that she applies to mobile phone cases. It's refreshing to find local colour on this everywhere and nowhere device.
Reading for pleasure, pleasurable reading - D Wood reviews Trevor Marchand's The Pursuit of Pleasurable Work: Craftwork in Twenty-First Century England
Jacqueline Rose ✿ Geometry at hand - For Jacqueline Millner, Jacqueline Rose's paper collages humanise geometry and enliven space
Bahareh Zaman ✿ Shouldering the world - Our November laurel goes to Bahareh Zaman, an Iranian maker who created a map of the world on a leather bag, at whose heart is Iran on fire.
Turtle Island - “Skywoman bent and spread the mud with her hands across the shell of the turtle. Moved by the extraordinary gifts of the animals, she sang in thanksgiving and then began to dance, her feet caressing the earth. The land grew and grew as she danced her thanks, from the dab of mud on Turtle’s back until the whole earth was made. Not by Skywoman alone, but from the alchemy of all the animals’ gifts coupled with her.” Robin Kimmerer Braiding Sweetgrass Turtle Island features stories about the cultures of the United States of America and Canada. Many of these are featured in our issue ᏍᎩ Gratitude. ✿ ✿ Like the article? Make it a conversation by leaving a comment below.  […]
David Escalona ✿ Life under wraps - Jessica Hemmings writes about drawings by a Spanish artist that reflect a fraught violence.
Patrick Webb ✿ A generous coat of craft thinking - Kevin Murray interviews Patrick Webb about his perspective on the world as a plasterer.




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