“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

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An appeal to help textile communities devastated by Cyclone Seroja - Ikat weavers from the "placenta of the earth" in eastern Indonesia seek help to rebuild their communities
Benn Gritt ✿ Beauty by hand - What kind of beauty emerges when the hand rules the eye?
Mary Curtis ✿ The wood between our fingers slows us down - Mary Curtis explains how she has primed her jewellery to provide a tool for medication.
Kanta Kadse ✿ Khajur ki pattiyo - Our May Laurel goes to a broom maker from Madhya Pradesh, whose elegant implements bring beauty to the home.
It began with the daughter-in-law ✿ The story of Bhujodi weavers on 29 May - This story-making event offers a unique encounter with the legendary weavers of Kutch.
fluxed earth ✿ Garden forage vases - Kirstie Murdoch & Rye Senjen share their daily bush walk and the vases that provide a place for what we ourselves might gather.
Maryam Mohamadi ✿ Mageli - Maryam Mohamadi uses a traditional craft of felt hat-making to produce home decor for Iranian homes.
The Art of Masks - The eighth Reinventing the Wheel talk focuses on the craft of protection, as featured in the latest issue of The Journal of Modern Craft.
Mark Eliott ✿ Essence of Cloud - Grace Cochrane recounts the quest to extract the essence of clouds as revealed in the exhibition by glass artist Mark Eliott.
Kangaroo scouse  - Niyoka Bundle shares a recipe that combines Gunditjmara and English stories.  
Harry Nankin ✿ A starling falls to earth - A series of shadowgrams represent the poignant fate of a lone starling, once part of a shimmering murmuration.
Anna Battista, the woman behind Irenebination - In our series of interviews with key figures of the craft world, we talk to Anna Battista, an Italian writer whose Irenebrination has published nearly 3,000 stories of the world through an intelligent fashion lens. We learn what sustains such as committed independent voice.
Dr Ghada Hijjawi-Qaddumi: An enduring legacy - A tribute to the President of the World Craft Council, who passed away on Thursday 1 April 2021.
Jane McKenzie ✿ Play of light - Our April laurel goes to Jane McKenzie, a ceramic artist whose work reduces modernist architecture to human scale.
Atelier, art school, university: How to teach creativity in the twenty-first century - Seth Ellis argues for new thinking about how craft education can flourish in universities
Ezra Shales ☸️ The Shape of Craft on 21 April - In the seventh Reinventing the Wheel talk, Ezra Shales considers how we should value craft found in everyday work and life.
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Sanaz Nataj ✿ Treasures from Qeshm and Khorashad - Atefe Mirsane uncovers the splendid couture of Sanaz Nataj, which draws on Iran's rich culture of village crafts.
Iranian Nowruz: Guiding the spirits home - Peyman Samandari digs through the layers of history behind Nowruz, the Persian New Year, which keeps Zoroastrians spirit alive.
Thinker maker: Tyson Yunkaporta on 31 March - To launch the March issue of Garland, Tyson Yunkaporta and other thinker-makers across the wider world yarn about humans as custodial species.




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