“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

Over time, Garland is gathering a creative community across the Indo-Pacific. This page is where you can stay in the loop with updates from our Friends and Circle. See here if you would like to be featured in this Loop.

Jess Dare ✿ Handful of flowers - Adelaide jeweler Jess Dare explores the dialogue of ephemerality and metal in a collection of floral works in brass.
Uber eats craft - Immediate gratification has weakened our social fabric. Craft can restore the essential virtue of patience.
Launch of Garland ✿ To Touch - You are invited to the launch of #33 Garland To Touch. This will be at the Australian Design Centre, Sydney, on 30 November at 6pm.
Looms of Ladakh: Keeping with knowledge of shesrig alive - Nalin Rai tells of an association in India's remote north that creates opportunities for local women by shifting pashmina production closer to the source.
Mai Nguyễn-Long ✿ Vomit Girl - Mai Nguyễn-Long introduces her Kôgábịnô exhibition, featuring works that express the Vietnamese punk-like aesthetic of mộc mạc. 
Dragon Scale Binding: The revival of an ancient Chinese book format - Yunmeng Jia is impressed with the vision and dedication of Zhang Xiaodong, the sole inheritor of a unique bookbinding craft and a Chinese intangible cultural heritage.
Ground: Thinking and Feeling with the Earth - Saskia Gilmour finds nature bursting through the cracks in a Brisbane exhibition.
Shop or gallery? - How can we think of the gallery and the shop as equally important spaces?
A message from Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery - Said Abu Shakra renews his commitment to arts and culture as a platform for dialogue inside and outside Israel
Rose garden ✿ Follow your nose - Take the time to reflect on the beauty of our olfactory sense, as crafted in many cultures of the wider world.
Self Medication: Korean Ceramic Art - Choi Leeji shares her vision of Korean ceramics, as it flows out of its traditional sources.
The Krolevets towel: A new focus on Urkainian weaving - Anna Kovbasiuk reflects on her Ukrainian roots and the key role of weaving in the continuing struggle for identity.
Roksana Makieva ✿ A vyshyvanka for the spirit of peace in wartime - Our October laurel goes to a Ukrainian embroiderer who sustains tradition despite the war around her.
Annette Nykiel ✿ Slow-Making Locally - Perdita Phillips visits Annette Nykiel’s exhibition Slow-Making Locally, a collection of slowly-made ecological objects
Batik garden - Please enjoy the stories about this process of textile dyeing that features beautiful drawn and stamped images of our natural world. There may be women seated in one of the deep verandas, carefully applying hot wax to fabric draped across a bamboo frame, following pencilled lines that flow across the surface of the cloth. Elsewhere you might catch the scent of a larger stove of wax, where tjap—large copper and wooden stamps—slip motifs into the fibres of cloth under the practised hand of Ismoyo or one of his assistants. Elly Kent Batik journeys See also International Year of Batik 2024-2025 & Batik in Encyclopedia of Craft in Asia Pacific Region ✿   ✿ Like the article? Make it a conversation by […]
The Mashrabiya Project: Life behind the screen - We speak with Jennifer-Navva Milliken about a project at her Museum of Art and Wood that responds to the ubiquitous lattice screen of the Islamic world.
Mongyudowon ✿ Stories from South Korea - Visit the fabled peach garden Mongyudowon and be uplifted by the beauties and thoughts of Korean crafts.
Lacquerware needs two legs to walk: The wisdom of master Gan Erke - Gan Erke and Li Zhiwei talk about the inheritance and development of Chinese lacquerware.
The future will be powered by humans - From a craft perspective, we can welcome a future when we need to resort to manual energy. 
The sacred garden: A photo essay of worship through flowers - Prerana Chandak shares images of the flowers that play an important role in her Hindu faith and practice.




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