“Everywhere it’s the same, and everywhere it’s different: two hands with five fingers each (and other body parts), and a continuous loop of string”

Over time, Garland is gathering a creative community across the Indo-Pacific. This page is where you can stay in the loop with updates from our Friends and Circle. See here if you would like to be featured in this Loop.

Let a hundred craft histories bloom - Kevin Murray finds Glenn Adamson's new book about the USA to be a valuable addition to the global library of national craft histories.
Waking up in Tuva - Michael Cline's quest for Tuvan throat-singing led him to a culture that is finely tuned to its mountain landscape.
Cherokee basket ecology - The ᎢᏛᏍᎦ ᏫᏥᏤᎢ ᎠᎵᏰᎵᏒ Weaving Across Time exhibition reflects the profound role of basket making in a custodianship of nature.
Sophie Moran ✿ The batter bowl - Sophie Moran dedicates her classic ceramic bowl to the memory of William Morris.
Teaching through windows: How to conduct an online craft workshop - A special workshop on 31 January will focus on how to conduct a craft workshop online
Nicolette Johnson ✿ Shimmering turquoise - Our January laurel is awarded to Nicolette Johnson for her stoneware vase with mesmerising handles.  
Yuko Kikuchi: Where to find Mingei in Japan today - In a Garland podcast, Yuko Kikuchi finds the spirit of Mingei in contemporary Japan, associated with MUJI department store and manga comics.
Mancapat: Heritage batik from today’s soil - A Singapore exhibition features the heritage textile Batik Tenun Gedog that has been produced according to circular principles using homegrown cotton.
Manzanito ✿ A national hero of rural craft - Our Craft Currencies issue is dedicated to Luis Manzano Cabello, a rural artisan whose magic forms uplifted Chilean craft and inspired pride in vernacular traditions.
An examined life: Fairweather and China - Stephanie Radok reviews a book about the Australian painter's long engagement with Chinese culture.
Pachanbhai ✿ A finely woven story of change - Our December laurel is awarded to the Kutchi weaver, Pachanbhai, for a beautiful scarf featuring a finely woven story of climate change.
Fresh and salt waters meet in black and white - Claire Grant writes about Brian Robinson and Tamika Grant-Iramu of Zenadth Kes (Torres Strait Islands) heritage, who unite their practices in a confluence of freshwater and saltwater country for the dual exhibition A Carved Landscape: Stories of Connection and Culture.
Iranian monuments at the wheel - Mohammad Ali Sajjadi writes about the Iranian architectural forms that he honours on his potter's wheel.
Craft – Radical or conservative? Lessons from French and Chinese history - Our Reinventing the Wheel series turns to the changing definitions of craft in France and China. Forrest Pelsue and Xu Wu discuss their articles in the current Journal of Modern Craft.
Pulp Friction: A paper trail from China - Embie Tan Aren writes about Pulp Friction, an exhibition at Queensland's Artisan gallery of paper works by Pamela See, Christine Ko and Yanqiao Jiang.
Mata ni Pachedi: Sacred textiles come to the rescue - Kiran Chitara shares his ancient textile craft that rescues culture and fortune from destruction.
Kan Doenthang: Lost wax to recover a disappearing world - Rudee Tancharoen shares the lost wax casting work made with the village of Baan Pa-Ao for the sake of staying in touch with a grounded way of life.
Julie Paterson ✿ Equanimity trees - Our November laurel is bestowed on a fabric printer in the Blue Mountains who produced painted objects where thoughts could dwell during the pandemic.
Monkey love: A Javanese romance - Aishah David recounts the love story of Dewi Sekartaji and Panji Asmorobangun as told through the Kethek Ogleng Dance
Aricò’s Calabrian dragon - Under blue Calabrian skies, Antonio Aricò exposes his new collection of stories that animate the cultures of Byzantine Italy.




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