One brooch, one ring: Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition by Jun Xie


1 December 2017


With the global rise of China comes its growing cultural and artistic influence. The recent international exhibition of art jewellery in Beijing is testament to their ambition. This could be a positive force for the region’s craft and design communities.

Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition
November 18-26, 2017
Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Park, China

After a lot of planning and hard work, The Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition opened in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Park on 18 November, with great expectations and significant challenges.

This biennale exhibition titled Parallel was hosted by Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, first formed in 2013. This exhibition gathered together the world’s most influential contemporary jewellers, art experts and entrepreneurs in Beijing, China. It aims to promote the contemporary art jewellery in China and exchange the Chinese and foreign design thought particular in cultural and communication.

The event has included Beijing International Jewellery Art Exhibition, opening ceremony and runway show, jewellery conference, education forum and Sino-foreign symposium between teachers and students.

The Beijing international jewellery art exhibition has received more than 500 artists’ work from 45 countries. And the organizer selected around 300 of them, bringing together more than 1,600 exhibits to this show. Including Norman Cherry, former dean of the Birmingham institute of art and design jewellery, Tom Muir, Professor of the Arts in the School of Art at Bowling Green State University, Andreas Gut, Professor of the Hochschule Pforzheim Germany, Maria Rosa Franzin, Chairman of Italy Association Contemporary Jewellery and other international artist.

I interviewed Yi Zhao who was one of the originators of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology team.

Jun Xie: How do you feel about this exhibition? What is your expectation for this exhibition? Do you think it’s succeed? Why?

Yi Zhao: In the past six years, we have seen through the Chinese contemporary jeweller’s progress and their position changed on the international stage. Almost all friends have seen the past exhibition agreed that the designer level have been improved a lot in China. The exhibition itself did not lie, all these positive feedbacks reveal the real show. As initiator and practitioner of exhibition BIFT, we hope our audiences will be touch by the beauty of the Oriental and western beauty, and process the beauty in the heart.

Jun Xie: How do you think about the current statue of contemporary jewellery in China? Can you understand what the artists try to say? How do you feel about the future of contemporary in China?

Yi Zhao: I think that Chinese contemporary jewellery is not specific kind of art style, but a way of thinking. They themselves are the epitome of our community and society. I believe that a few years later, there will be greater public realisation of the value and significance of contemporary jewellery, therefore they will pay more attention and give more respect.

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