Recent calligraphic art by Reza Safavi and Zahra Tondkar


18 January 2018

Following up on our Persian Prospect issue, here are some recent miniature artworks by master artists Reza Safavi and Zahra Tondkar from Mashhad, proofing that Iranian creative skills are alive and well.

Zahra Tondkar, Rose and Nightingale (detail), 2015 gouache, watercolour, 24-carat gold, 20 × 30 cm

This is a recreation of a Koran’s cover from the tenth century. Its original is held at the Malek National Museum in Tehran. All cracks, fractures, colour fading, and whatever that occurred in the original by the passage of time has been recreated carefully and intricately. Finally, the surface of work has been covered by a combination of lacquer and fixative.

Reza Safavi, ZahraTondkar, the late Afsaneh Mahdavi (Naghshdarnaghsh art group), Shahid of Mina, Saudi Arabia, 2016, matching of different materials, composite, PVC, relief, 180 × 420 cm

Reza Safavi and ZahraTondkar, Passing of time; In the arms of love; In the realm of love, 2016, Calligraphy, Siahmashgh, Ink and Schmincke Aero, gold plate canvas, Vitria, 40 × 30 cm



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