Ezra Shales: The Shape of Craft


24 March 2021

Entry from Jordon, Encyclopedia of Crafts in Asia Pacific Region: https://encyclocraftsapr.com/basket-weaving-from-banana-leaves/

In the seventh Reinventing the Wheel talk, Ezra Shales considers how we should value craft found in everyday work and life.

The ultimate challenge to you, the reader, is to search out and applaud the anonymous handicraft that is in your own local context, under the hood of a well-oiled machine or inside the tent at your local carnival.

Ezra Shales teaches the history of design and craft at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has a PhD from the Bard Graduate Center and an M.F.A. from Hunter College. His book The Shape of Craft argues for the value of anonymous craft found outside the gallery system. This includes a focus on folk crafts such as basketry and quilt-making. His writing includes concepts such as “collated craftsmanship”, “ghost potters”, “craftsteaders”, mnemosynthesis and locational aesthetics.

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