Tusif Ahmad ✿ A paper trail from heaven to earth


11 July 2022

Our July laurel goes to Tusif Ahmad for his papercut works that tell the story of Islamic science through innovative designs and individual skill.

Tusif Ahmad is unique as the only paper cutter known to focus on Islamic stories. These two works were commissioned by a Perth school to inspire students in the quest for knowledge.

Artwork is created through paper cutting technique. Material used: Glitter Vinyl AdhesiveSize : 100 x 60 cm

Tusif Ahmad, Golden Era of Islamic Scientists (Biology and Chemistry), paper and glitter vinyl adhesive,  100 x 60 cm

A local Islamic school gave me a commission for this artwork. Keeping the local school in mind, I created this art piece. This is a garden of Heaven which in beautiful birds perch on branches. With every bird, is a designated name written in Arabic calligraphy. Every bird watches a lightbulb dangling in front of it with an invention created by the scientist itself. So the wire attached to the lightbulb continues upward to the top of the artwork. This implies that the idea has been sent by one and only God, Allah (SWT). The leaves and flowers that I made in this artwork are slightly unusually depicted because I wanted to make the impact that they aren’t from this world but from Heaven. I haven’t seen Heaven but I still tried to make the leaves and flowers look a bit different so you could tell that they aren’t regular plants that you see.

Tusif Ahmad, Golden Era of Islamic Scientists (Mathematicians, Geophysicists and Astronomists), paper and glitter vinyl adhesive,  100 x 60 cm

This artwork was inspired by mathematicians, geophysicists, and astronomists. This artwork is originally made for students of a local Islamic college. In this artwork, I’m looking at the stars that are aligned to make an arched door. Around the border, different scientists’ names have been written. In the lower middle, has been drawn a star with the first university’s name written. The first university dean was a Muslim woman. In the middle, I’ve depicted the Earth with the diameter of our world written next to it because Muslim scientists originally discovered the diameter. I’ve also depicted a fountain pen which was also created by Muslims. More of these innovations that have been made by Muslims are a camera, guitar, windmills, π, magnifying glass, the well-known chess game, etc. They also tried making wings for transportation but sadly the man who created this didn’t succeed and died during the process. This artwork will give opportunities for the students to learn about the past Islamic inventions and inspires those who will make those future inventions that will astound us.

The works were made in the home of Tusif Ahmad at Parmelia, Western Australia. To learn more, visit www.tusifahmad.com/mystory/

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  • Jan Zeigler says:

    Wow. Tusif. To me your work is always an inspiring, poetic prayer. The idea alone, and then the drawing and then the cutting, not to mention mounting and framing. Beyond my ability to express.

  • Zafar Yasin says:

    Well, I have never seen such an amazing art work and particularly the man behind, a person who is so dedicated and committed towards his work that one gets surprised. I wish him best of luck and a very prosperous future, while introducing this precious art to the world. May Allah bless him, Aameen.

  • Atif says:

    Your Artwork always amaze me. I’ve never seen such great work like this before. You know how to convey a message through your work.
    We are so inspired by your work, it’s wonderful.

  • Barbara Fletcher says:

    Absolutely amazing works. I love the precision and beauty of Tusif’s works.

  • Junaid Abbasi says:

    Maa Shaa Allah
    Excellent work ❤️❤️❤️

  • Abu Yahya says:

    Such an amazing talent & Masha Allah a very new color to Islamic art … well done Sir

  • Tanveer Yousuf says:

    Mashallah, this is just AMAZING

  • Muhammad Javed Chishti says:

    Keep up the great work. love your confidence & dedication. You’re very creative.

  • Rasa Slesoriūnienė says:

    Tusif, you are a very talented, wise, original and hardworking artist. I admire your works of art.

  • Siddiqa juma says:

    MashaAllah what amazing talent Tusif bhai. Really inspiring.

  • Monica Kane says:

    Tusif’s art is mesmerising. I easily get lost in the intricacies of meaning within his work. The fact that this important history has been captured creatively for the students, speaks to the general gaps in education today and the leadershp of the school in knowing what Tusif brings. Congratulations on another beautiful commission Tusif, and thank you for sharing it with us all.

  • Zahed says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Tusif’s artwork in person and up close and can say that pictures on the Internet do not do them justice. This is a very well deserved commendation!

  • Ibrar Shafiq says:

    Excellent article!! I am a big fan of Tusif saheb’s art work. The details and creativity he uses in his work is mesmerising. Another great reason to love his work is how he uses art to tell younger generation about Islam and it’s role in science and education. His legacy is how he is teaching and , his knowledge to others. Even though i known him through social media few years ago but would like to see his work some day.
    Keep it up Sir and wish you good luck.

  • Idrees afzal says:

    You hv magicial art skills

  • Imran abbas says:

    Tousif’s artwork is the best. I’ve never seen such great work like this before. You know how to convey a message through your work.
    I am so inspired by your work, it’s wonderful. Keep calm and carry on.

  • Saima Hafeez says:

    MashaAllah! This is just Amazing work, It’s wonderful.May Allah bless you more ❤️

  • Ehud Yaniv says:

    Your work is awe inspiring as usual. As an educator, I would love to see this kind of work in our school as we now have numerous Syrian Refugees on top of our immigrant population.

    I love that your pieces help show that influence of the Islamic and Pre-Islamic world in finding and preserving knowledge.

    I was so inspired by your work as seen on Facebook that I even bought a book on papercut but have not yet tried. I know that I would only be a shadow of anything you do.

  • Rana says:

    So wonderful to see this unique work of art by a devoted wonderful artist who does is by heart.

  • Alan Rigglesford says:

    Incredible artwork cutting from Tusif. Outstanding talent, from a good man!

  • Andrew says:

    Exceptional art and talent – and the thought behind every careful cut is profound

  • Leïla says:

    Bait al Ma’mur (red and black version) is Angel-like – thank you for sharing this light with us.