I can draw

Tatyana Krymskaya

9 January 2016

My name is Tatyana. I was born in 1961 in Baku-Azerbaijan and I was adopted at the age of three months. I graduated with a Diploma of Floriculture-Decoration in 1978. I got married in 1986 with Greg who I knew for 10 years but we got divorced and to this day I still don’t know why. Then I lost my unborn child at a hospital due to high level of stress. After that I came to Australia with my parents at the age of 28. I went to Kuranda Language School since I didn’t know any English. It was very hard but I had no other choice. I started to work as a Carer in a Jewish Welfare and I also studied some medical course along with English TAFE at Swinburne University. In 2010 I stopped working after a surgery and I started a new life when I met a lady in a park who told me about St. Vincent’s Art Studio. I still have my earlier drawings and when I look back at them, I can see how slowly I became a better drawer and one day I felt satisfied with my drawings and it was when I told myself “Yes, I can draw”.

The picture is a photo of my lovely mum Pekar-Krymskaya Fira Losifovna and I. She is not here but she is always in my heart and I am grateful for what she is done for me in my life.

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