It began with the daughter-in-law ✿ The story of Bhujodi weavers on 29 May


3 May 2021

This story-making event offers a unique encounter with the legendary weavers of Kutch.

Bhujodi weavers of Kutch are celebrated in India and the world for their iridescent textiles and meaningful motifs.

How did the weaving community of Bhujodi come to be?  One of the origin stories of the community of weavers speaks about how a domestic conflict led to a migration and learning a new craft of weaving, giving birth to the Bhujodi community for weavers.

Origin stories influence the form the art and craft of a community takes, including the motifs that become important and the colours that becoming predominant in their weaves. The art of weaving is not very different from the art of weaving stories: the Bhujodi community of weavers in Kutch give centrality to their stories in community life. Their origin stories are still told by their storytellers to children and adult alike in the community.

As times and patrons of their art change, the community of artisans weaves with a delicate balance between their traditions and reinventing their art. Come and listen to the traditional stories of this community and be part of a discussion with one of the promising younger weavers who is finding his own language of the loom.

In Garland’s Story-Making event, you have the opportunity to meet Ashwin, a very talented young Bhujodi weaver. The storyteller Gauri Raje will narrate the origin story of Bhujodi weaving accompanied by glimpses of these magnificent works. With thanks to LOkesh Ghai, we can talk with Ashwin about his work and his aspirations.

This is a unique chance to learn the inside story of this beautiful craft and support its future generation.

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