Thinker maker: Tyson Yunkaporta on 31 March


3 March 2021

To launch the March issue of Garland, Tyson Yunkaporta and other thinker-makers across the wider world yarn about humans as custodial species.

The March issue for Garland is the first in a new series to grapple with the big questions that have arisen from our five-year journey across the wider world. Our relationship with nature includes the idea of humans as a “custodial species”, the notion that species are “entangled” and we become human through other beings, such as trees. We will yarn about these ideas with our inaugural thinker-maker, Tyson Yunkaporta, and story-makers from different cultures who can share what they’ve learned in the making.

This Zoom event is part of Melbourne Design Week and is supported by the Australia Council of the Arts

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